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Flutist Anabel Perdomo will honor Tosco in a concert at Bellas Artes

anabel-perdomo-580x476Next Saturday, September 24, a concert will take place in the Theater Hall of the National Museum of Fine Arts, starring the flutist Anabel Perdomo, in homage to José Luis Cortés (El Tosco), who died on April 18.

The artist will interpret works belonging to the repertoire of the outstanding musician, who was her teacher at the Camerata de Flutes. The ears of the audience will be filled with songs such as “Alejandría”, “Ave María” and “Un Bolero”, the latter with the special accompaniment of flutist Lázaro Cortés, son of the honoree.

The concert, musically directed by pianist José Portilllo, will be the setting for the release of “Amor y Vicio”, the latest single by Anabel Perdomo, composed in collaboration with Cuban musician Alfredo Balbán.

“I want to show my music to the public, but what excites me the most is dedicating this show to my former teacher, José Luis Cortés,” says the flutist.

Anabel Perdomo graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the Higher Institute of Art, in 2015. Since then she has joined different groups, such as Kontrast ‘, Charanga de Oro or Mulata Son. Currently, she is part of the artistic catalog of the National Music Center as a solo vocalist and instrumentalist, in addition to being the creator, host and main musician of the CulturAndo program.

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