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The moral universe of a hero

buena fe

On the occasion of the 126th anniversary of José Martí’s death in combat, composer Israel Rojas agreed to speak with Granma about Cuba´s national hero, displaying the sensitivity fitting the conversational context of an everyday citizen of our times, like those in the song “Todo el mundo cuenta,” (Everyone counts) by the duo Buena Fe.

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Cuba for Vilma, on a clear mountain morning

Servando Cabrera

Second Front, Santiago de Cuba –On a clear morning, rarely seen here, where mist usually covers the hills at daybreak, flowers arrived for Vilma Espin, from her partner in war and life, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Party Central Committee, on the 91st anniversary of the heroine’s birth, yesterday April 7.

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The First Congress, like another Revolution

congreso PCC

The holding of the First Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, 45 years ago, represented a landmark in the history of the political organization. The Central Report, Programmatic Platform, Theses and Resolutions, and the two closing speeches delivered by Fidel in the Karl Marx Theater and the Plaza de la Revolución, constitute documents of undeniable relevance today.

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From Martí to Fidel: A party to unite

Fidel raul almeida

Persuade, bring together, mobilize, educate have always been the order of the day in Cuba’s liberation struggle, and to concretize them, a unifying force was indispensable: a party. Dispersion, regionalism, the double-edged contamination of inconsistencies and intrigues deeply wounded colonial Cuba. A cure was urgently needed, more tears avoided. Cuba had to be saved.

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I have the floor

Fidel Castro Partido

During the 60th year of its existence, Uneac continues to not only dialogue with established writers and artists, but continues, as well, to decentralize important artistic and literary events and include in this open, revolutionary debate even the most modest in communities across the island. When the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (Uneac) was founded on August 22, 1961.

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Continuity takes root in Party cadres

Fidel Diaz-Canel

The emancipatory work of the Cuban Revolution, in its many stages, has always been able to count on youth to sustain and continue the effort, attuned to each historical period, but never departing one iota from the essence, our genuine, unwavering principles.

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What must a young communist be

che guevara

The Young Communist League must define itself with a single word: vanguard. You, comrades, must be the vanguard of all movements. The first to be ready to make the sacrifices that the Revolution demands, whatever the nature of these sacrifices. The first in work. The first in study. The first in the defense of the country…

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Cuba fights a necessary war every day to defend our sovereignty

Cuba pueblo artistas

February 24 did not acquire its relevance in the annals of history solely as the day the Mambises returned to the battlefield, but as a result of lessons learned in the process, especially the need for unity. Necessary, nothing more, because no other descriptor was needed. There was no need for any other adjective, no need to use any other word. This word was more than enough. Because what is necessary is what cannot be postponed, that which is crucial, unavoidable.

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Los Van Van and Martí: A great delight

Van Van discvo

In 2014, the José Martí Cultural Society and Egrem studios released a CD/DVD that, with full intentionality and exquisite musical work, would mark a new direction in terms of the re-contextualization, today, of Martí’s thought. With the ideas, coordination and musical concept of Israel Rojas, the new project’s premise was to provide an approach to Martí, not only through musicalization per se, but based on a thematic thread

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Martí among us


We have reached this January 28, 2021, having traveled a hard road, full of obstacles and traps, with the blockade tightened beyond all imaginable limits and a pandemic taking a lethal toll of more two million deaths on the planet. Cuba’s dignified resistance defeated the 240 measures imposed by Trump, intended to asphyxiate our economy and undermine the people’s support for the Revolution. As President Díaz-Canel said, “They threw us to our death, and we are alive.”