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Speech delivered by commander in chief Fidel Castro Ruz at the great popular rally staged by the people of Cuba at the Civic Square of the Republic on 2 september 1960


It is obvious that each of you, from where you are sitting, is completely unable to see the vast size of the crowd which has gathered this afternoon. It is a true sea of humanity which stretches into the distance on both sides of the Civic Square, said Fidel.

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Haven of the Cuban Pre-Hispanic Heritage

Antropologia la Habana

Haven to the works of outstanding men of sciences of Cuba like Luis Montané Darde, Carlos de la Torre, René Herrera Fritot, Ramón Dacal Moure and Manuel Rivero de La Calle, the Montané Anthropological Museum at the School of Biology of the University of Havana reopened its doors in December 2019 after the completion of repair works in the building.

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Fidel: another battle, another victory


On the 94 anniversary of his birth, Fidel’s contribution to science and life is as relevant today as ever, and will be into the futureHe taught us to wage battles and emerge victorious. Ever the great strategist, he foresaw all the variables that could appear. He prepared the forces, conceived possible scenarios, studied the enemy and was always present on the front lines with his troops.

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The pride of Cubans

Fidel pintura

The greater the brilliance of his actions for the good of all, deeper is the hate of our enemies, who hope to discredit the motivation behind his efforts. I am proud to be Cuban for many reasons. One of these is to have been a contemporary of Fidel, which has allowed me to understand the origin of all the slander that our adversaries attempt to use.

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Eusebio Leal Spengler has died: Forever yours, dear Historian


This Friday morning, Eusebio Leal Spengler died, following a long, painful illness.Over the next few hours our people will be informed of planned funeral ceremonies. In accordance with his family’s wishes, Leal’s ashes will be preserved, and once the COVID-19 epidemic is under control, in just recognition of his enduring work, our people will be able to pay their respects at the Capitol in Havana.

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Our martyrs: Neither forgotten, or dead

Santiago homenaje martires

Yesterday, Martyrs of the Revolution Day, Cuban President Díaz-Canel tweeted a heartfelt message: “July 30, a sad day in the memory of Cuba. Frank País and Raúl Pujol were murdered in Santiago de Cuba. The rebellious city wears the 26th and sings the Bayamo anthem. Today is Martyrs’ Day. Glory to those who had only their young, promising lives, and gave them for the homeland”

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Haydée Santamaría: 40 years after her death

Haydee Santamaria

Haydée Santamaría, one of the first women to join the guerilla struggle in the Sierra Maestra and founder of the Casa de las Americas, remembered the Moncada’s horrors until the last day of her life, July 28, 1980, but these memories only strengthened her resolve. “Honor her as a brave woman,” wrote Fina García Marruz in an ode to Haydée Santamaría after her death.

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Anti-imperialist unity is the tactic and strategy of victory

Canel Discurso Foro Sao Paolo

Remarks by Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of the Republic of Cuba, via videoconference, at the Meeting of Leaders, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Sao Paulo Forum’s founding, July 28, 2020, Year 62 of the Revolution. “Brothers and sisters of the political forces following this videoconference with interest.

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The Moncada illuminates Cuba’s future


On the 67th anniversary of the Moncada assault, the Cuban Revolution is full of strength and renewed energy, in a year of trials and tension, to which the pandemic – from which we are recovering – added extraordinary challenges. Our firm will to triumph, has allowed us to reach this date with pride and optimism, which we will celebrate with the required precaution given the health situation.

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Another Moncada, everyday, urgent, necessary

moncada fidel

The dawn is coming; a new assault is approaching: daily life on the island presents 1001 assaults; 1001 Moncadas. It all began one Sunday – July 26 – in Santiago; an assault on the garrison where “powerful dominant forces” were sleeping, and were surprised by Cuba. That day of that year, the fight began. It was “the first assault on one of the many fortresses that were to be taken. As the young lawyer who led the rebellion said. Inexperience, ignorance, underdevelopment, lack of resources, were all “Moncadas to be taken.