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Key Santa María, Host of FITCuba 2018

turismo cuba-cayo-santamariaThe 38th International Tourism Fair of Cuba (FITCuba 2018) will have at the beginning of May a very particular scenario claimed today by travelers worldwide for their vacations: Key Santa Maria.

Located in Cuba’s north-central coastline, it is one of the most attractive proposals of Cuban tourism, understandably in fashion, due to its beauties and infrastructure.

FITCuba will take place there from May 2 thru 6, dedicated to the Sun and Beach modality and to the United Kingdom as guest of honor.

The beauty of Cuban landscapes have the aggregate value of a variety including getting to know gastronomic traditions, for example, life of rural families and of fishermen, getting to know what this country is all about.

Key Santa Maria is at present one of the most outstanding resorts, with many repeating visitors, above all European, confirmed by the fact that in 2012, this place was venue to FITCuba and now repeats to host the main event of this sector in the country.

The natural surroundings, an adequate infrastructure and cuisine that puts the accent on creole recipes, but complying with health values as world standards, characterize this point of the Caribbean nation.

If it is fashion we are speaking of, tourism is also part of it. Places that have much to show, enjoy and promotes coming back as is the case of Key Santa Maria, proposal of a recently justified fame.

This is paradise, with a cared-for environment and a hotel and service structure to surprise the most demanding, with a perfect combination of landscape and commodities, including nautical activities of high standards.

Islets of white sands and crystal-clear waters are characteristics that accompany other surrounding keys such as Ensenachos and Las Brujas.

To get there, the ideal way is through a stone road above the waters, known by Cubans as pedraplen, 48 kilometers long that goes from the town of Caibarien to Santa Maria key in the north central province of Villa Clara.

It is a road highlighted by the Iberoamerican Prize Bridge of Alcantara due to the respect to the environment and its length from the Bay of Buenavista, Natural Reserve of the Biosphere, to the keys.

Enjoyment includes diving, snorkeling, tours in yachts and other excursions, as authorities of the sector offer visitors more than 30 recreational options.

At present, near-by keys, with Santa Maria at the Forefront, the keys have two thousand 113 rooms in five hotels, with an architecture according with the environment.

Especially Key Santa Maria extends four kilometers long and two wide, making it the most important geographic group, with an área 18 square kilometers.

Nearby, Key Las Brujas is 6.7 square kilometers, with 4 kms. Long and 1.9 wide and Key Ensenachos exhibits a virginal nature in form of a horseshoe, with two inevitable beaches: Ensenachos and El Megano.alcanza 6,7 .

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