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Cuba to Host International Meeting on History, Art and Medicine

histarmed-2018Health curiosities and their links with history and art will be the main topics of the international colloquium Histarmed, which will bring together researchers from some 10 countries in Latin America and Europe, said organizers today.

Specialists from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Spain and Italy, as well as the host country Cuba, will participate in Histarmed, organized by the Medical Sciences University of Havana, from March 8th.

The program includes topics such as Great Warriors, their pathobiographies, and History of Art, and lectures such as ‘Doctors seen by painters’ and ‘Vincent van Gogh: artistic expression and lead poisoning’.

Other topics of the event are addiction to new technologies in early childhood and a lecture on humor from history, art and medicine.

Participants will be able to approach to the link of history with microbiology in Cuba, as well as homeopaths in the wars for independence in the second half of the 19th century and the events that contributed to the development of neurosciences.

Histarmed, to be hosted by the Conference Center of Cojimar, in Habana del Este, will run until March 10th.

(Prensa Latina)

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