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Behind the vanguard: Fruitful and inclusive arts education


The broad and diverse cultural festival entitled “Artes de Cuba: From the Island to The World,” to take place May 8 through June 3 in Washington’s Kennedy Center, reflects the island’s sustained and fruitful arts education program, key to the training of new talent

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From the island to the world, Cuban art in Washington


The most extensive presentation by Cuban artists to take place in the United States is scheduled this coming May 8 through June 3, in Washington’s renowned Kennedy Center. The program, including some 50 events under the title of “Artes de Cuba: From the Island to the World,” was announced in Havana, March 28, by Deputy Minister of Culture Fernando Rojas,

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Cuba Pays Tribute to U.S. Dancer Lorna Burdsall


Students and ballet teachers from several countries will pay a tribute today, at Teatro Nacional de Cuba, to the outstanding U.S. dancer and choreographer Lorna Burdsall (1928-2010).

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Cuba to Host International Meeting on History, Art and Medicine


Health curiosities and their links with history and art will be the main topics of the international colloquium Histarmed, which will bring together researchers from some 10 countries in Latin America and Europe, said organizers today. Specialists from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Spain and Italy, as well as the host country Cuba, will participate in Histarmed, organized by the Medical Sciences University of Havana, from March 8th.

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The perfect blend of culture and commerce

arte la rampa

Just like every summer, the Art on La Rampa Fair is currently taking place, a venue hosting cultural activities and commercial offers of high quality arts and crafts, popular with Havana residents and visitors alike.

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The Rolling Stones to play in Havana

rolling stone

Keith Richards himself, currently in Paris, has confirmed that negations with Cuban authorities are taking place. The Stones guitarist, celebrating the release of his third solo album, Crosseyed heart, also reported that after the opening of U.S. and Cuban embassies in both countries, and the Pope’s upcoming visit, there is a genuine chance that the band could perform in Cuba.

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Habanarte Festival begins today


Over 10 days, a varied cultural program, under the title of Habanarte, will offer “all the arts at once,” the maxim which has defined the festival since its first edition in 2014. With a show led by Isaac Delgado, also featuring Adalberto Álvarez y su son and Venezuelan salsa band La Dimen sión Latina in the National Theatre’s Avellaneda Hall, the event will begin today at 8:30pm and continue though Sunday, September 31.

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Book and Reading Festival to celebrate Elpidio Valdés’ birthday


The Book and Reading Festival will celebrate Elpidio Valdés’ 45th birthday next August 28 around La Maestranza Park in Old Havana. The event, organized every year by the Cuban Book Institute, has prepared a program that will start at 10 am with the awarding of the Elpidio Valdes’ films characters costumes competition and the contest ¿Quién sabe más de Elpidio Valdés?, in which the participating children should answer ten questions about the popular Cuban mambi fighter animated character.

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Cuba, Spain and Brazil at the 21st International Guitar Festival of Costa Rica


Cuba, Brazil and Spain will star the 21st International Guitar Festival, to be held in Costa Rica from August 28 to 30, at the National Theater, as said in a statement by its organizing committee. The event will last three nights, each having a different approach: a Cuban night, a Spanish night and a Brazilian night, with the participation of outstanding artists from these three countries.

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Take 6 set to perform in Cuba in Human Voices Festival

Leo Brower

Renowned American a Capella music group Take 6 will perform in Havana in late September as part of a music festival called Les voix humaines (Human Voices), organized and sponsored by Cuban maestro, Leo Brouwer. The concert will be held in Havana’s Karl Marx Theater on September 26th as part of a festival that will gather in the Cuban capital important figures of the world’s music scene, including Portuguese singer Dulce Pontes, Spainish Mayte Martín, and other singers and performers who have cultivated the classical and popular music repertoire.