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Cuba Pays Tribute to U.S. Dancer Lorna Burdsall

lordaStudents and ballet teachers from several countries will pay a tribute today, at Teatro Nacional de Cuba, to the outstanding U.S. dancer and choreographer Lorna Burdsall (1928-2010).

The artist settled in Cuba in the 1950s and won the 2008 National Dance Award and the National Artistic Teaching Award.

Burdsall took classes with three important U.S. dancers: Martha Graham, Anthony Tudor and Merce Cunningham, and studied at the George Washington University and the prestigious Julliard School in New York.

The dancer, teacher and choreographer did a remarkable work in promoting and creating works for the development of dance in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In recognition of her contributions to Cuban dance, the participants in the 24th International Meeting of Dance Academies will hold a gala to pay tribute to the teacher.

Today’s show is the fifth and last of a cycle. A children and choreographic contest is scheduled from April 3 to 6.

(Prensa Latina)

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