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The Rolling Stones to play in Havana

rolling stoneThe Rolling Stones are currently finalizing negotiations to hold a concert in March, 2016, in Havana’s Latinoamericano Stadium, according to Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

Keith Richards himself, currently in Paris, has confirmed that negations with Cuban authorities are taking place. The Stones guitarist, celebrating the release of his third solo album, Crosseyed heart, also reported that after the opening of U.S. and Cuban embassies in both countries, and the Pope’s upcoming visit, there is a genuine chance that the band could perform in Cuba.

He also noted that 
Darryl Jones, the Stone’s current bass player, had a big influence on the band’s decision to perform in the country. Darryl and his fellow band member Bernard Fowler played in Havana in February, as members of the group The Dead Daisies.
The official announcement will come with the publication of the band’s South American tour dates. Reports suggest that the Stones will begin their tour on February 3, in Chile’s National Stadium, followed by three performances in the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires; and another in the Centenario Stadium in Montevideo; also making stops in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Lima, Bogota, Mexico, and probably finishing in Havana around March 20/21. An exact date has not yet been confirmed.



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