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Ensuring sustainable economic and social progress

academyçia cienciasWhile opulence and poverty coexist, while a minority holds the resources that hundreds of millions of people lack, there will be no genuinely viable options for progress, said Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya, Cuban minister of Science, Technology and Environment stated during the inauguration of the10th International Convention on the Environment and Development, which was attended by Miguel Díaz -Canel, first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers.

In her speech the Minister stressed the urgency of promoting the construction of fairer societies and achieving a truly equitable international order which, based on respect for the rights of all, ensures sustainable economic and social development, and puts advances in science, technology and innovation at the service of the environment and the welfare of humanity.

Pérez recalled that the international situation remains very complex, as we have not succeeded in eradicating extreme poverty, the financial, economic, commercial and energy crises, food insecurity, environmental degradation and health problems continue to worsen, while the risks of natural disasters increase.

This situation urgently requires a new ethics to rebuild human relations under a different paradigm, and coordinated action and specific measures based on the principles of cooperation between countries and the transfer of knowledge, she added.

The Minister noted that national and global indicators on average air temperature demonstrate that we are already suffering the ravages of climate change, caused by the impact of human activities. She stressed that Cuba is committed to global efforts for a better world, and strives to protect its environment and natural resources.

This commitment features as part of the Guidelines for Economic and Social Policy, adopted at the Sixth Party Congress, she added.

Dr.GiselaAlonso Domínguez, president of the Environment Agencyandthe organizing committee ofthe event, also spoke during the opening ceremony of the event, held at the Havana Convention Center and attended by 1,200 delegates from 45 countries.

Dr. Ismael Clark, president of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, presented the 150th Anniversary medal of the body to Professor Attila Borhidi of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, a renowned scientist in the field of botany.

Also present at the opening ceremony were Ulises Rosales del Toro, vice president of the Council of Ministers; Comandante of the Revolution Guillermo García Frías; Major Generals Samuel Rodiles Planas and Ramón Pardo Guerra, president of the Institute of Physical Planning, and the head of the Civil Defense National Staff, respectively; Comandante of the Rebel Army Julio Camacho Aguilera; and the Environment Ministers of Vietnam and Haiti, among other distinguished guests.

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