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Cuba looking to change its energy profile

energía holistica

Political will is not enough, nor is clarity about what must be done, evidenced in the regulatory framework created to facilitate Cuba’s transition to an energy profile based on greater use of renewable resources. It is imperative that the consciousness of authorities and the people be raised, so that this change is understood as a critical element in our strategy for sustainable development.

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EUROCLIMA + Cuba, a Project to Climate Change


The EUROCLIMA + Cuba program was launched today in this central-eastern region, with a project that aims at reducing disaster risks (RDR) due to climate change. In the case of this island, the chronogram has as main organizer the United Nations Development Program – Cuba, focused on the effects of Climate Change

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Foreign-Funded NGOs in Ecuador: Trojan Horse for Intervention?


Ecuador has come under fire for scrutinizing non-profits like Accion Ecologica, many of whom get millions from Europe and North America.
Ecuador, the tiny South American nation sandwiched between Colombia and Peru, rarely makes waves in the English-speaking world’s corporate mediascape. Last year, news traveled far on at least two occasions.

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Forests cover 30.6% of Cuba’s land area


Cuba ended 2015 with 30.6% of its territory covered by forests, a result that confirms the island’s place within the small group of developing nations that maintain sustained growth of this important environmental indicator. According to the report “Environmental Outlook: Cuba 2015”, published by the National Office of Statistics and Information (, in 2010 the forest area of the archipelago was 27.6%.

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El Niño bids farewell

mapa niño

The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle continued its gradual decline in June, with the return of normal conditions in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, following an end to the high sea surface temperatures recorded since the second quarter of last year.

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Constructing the country to which we aspire

Asamblea construir pais

The 274 updated Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and the Revolution, approved during the 7th Party Congress this past April, were among the topics discussed July 4, the opening day of commission meetings, prior to the 7th period of Ordinary Sessions of the 8th Legislature. Commissions are organized to focus on the following issues: Food and Agriculture; National Defense; Delivery of Services; Children, Youth, and the Rights of Women; International Relations; Industry, Construction, and Energy; as well as Education, Culture, Science, Technology, and Environment.

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Biomass, an inexhaustible source of electricity for Cuba


Sugar cane is today transformed by the AZCUBA Enterprise Group into a series of different products (brown sugar, refined white sugar, unrefined white sugar and ecological sugar), as well as twenty derivatives.

Among the latter, electricity, alcohol, animal feed and bioproducts are significant, the Head of AZCUBA Power Generation Barbara Hernández Martínez, told Prensa Latina.

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Paris 2015: Binding agreement in climate change needed

Paris conferencia logo

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change continued its work sessions the first week of December, with representatives from 195 countries focused on establishing an international agreement to put a brake on rising temperatures, limiting the increase to two degrees Celsius with respect to the planet’s pre-industrial average. The COP21 High Level Segment took place December 7-8, with remarks made by heads of state and delegation leaders, as a compliment to the meeting held to initiate the summit.

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The fight against climate change hits the international agenda

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“THE Paris Conference will, without question, not resolve everything, but nothing can be resolved without it (…) All of us know that combating global warming is more than just an environmental matter (…) Together, let us make the Paris Climate Conference the historic success the world is waiting for.” With these words Laurent Fabius opened the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris.

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Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez: Humanity has placed its hopes in the results of this conference

diaz canel y Hollande

Twenty-three years have passed since the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, where the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, warned that, and I quote, “An important biological species is in danger of disappearing given the rapid and progressive destruction of its natural habitat: humankind.”