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Tornado in El Berrinche, San Cristóbal, Artemisa

tornado-san-cristobal-2-580x326During the afternoon of today between 07: 20-07: 45 pm (23: 20-23: 45UTC), a strong storm affected areas of the municipality of San Cristóbal and a tune was observed in the town of El Berrinche.

According to information provided by local residents, the tornado moved to the north and traveled approximately 900m. Until the moment this note is prepared, there have been reports of damage to the electrical service and homes with partial and total roof damage. Taking into account the affectations it is classified as an F1.

This meteorological situation was associated with the crossing of an outer band of tropical storm Gamma that is located on the Yucatan peninsula.

(With information from the Provincial Meteorological Center of Artemisa, INSMET)

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