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The blockade is a virus, too, eliminate it!

Cuba vs bloqueo

The country was unable to access a total of 32 pieces of equipment and supplies related to the production of anti-COVID candidate vaccines and the completion of clinical studies of these products, including equipment for the purification of the candidates, attachments for production equipment, filtration tanks and capsules, potassium chloride solution, thimerosal, packaging and reagents.

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The world reacts to Cuba’s demand: 184 nations against the U.S. blockade!


The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approves the resolution “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba”.With a vote as impressive as all those on other historic occasions, the Cuban resolution demanding an end to the blockade was approved this Wednesday in the United Nations General Assembly by 184 votes in favor, 2 against and 3 abstentions. Colombia, Ukraine and Brazil abstained; while the United States and Israel opposed Cuba’s demand.

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Abdala, with three doses, demonstrates 92.28% efficacy

Canel Abdala

Communist Party First Secretary and President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, on behalf of Cuba, congratulates researchers who in 13 months achieved a global milestone. A three-dose regimen of the Abdala candidate vaccine has demonstrated an efficacy of 92.28 percent, placing it well above the World Health Organization (WHO) requirement of at least 50 percent, to be recognized as an anti-COVID-19 vaccine.

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Questions and answers on the suspension of U.S. dollar cash deposits

CUba Banco Dolar

The fierce financial persecution Cuba suffers as a result of the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade led to the decision by the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) to announce the temporary suspension of cash deposits of U.S. dollars in the country’s bank branches. In view of the obstacles created by interventionistU.S. policy toour national banking system’s ability to deposit abroad the cash in U.S. dollars collected on the island.

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Soberana is a go!

Canel cientificos

There is a small island country, bathed in the waters of the Caribbean. A country as small as David, with the same courage when the time comes to face a giant. A small country that has struggled and struggles. A small country dressed in olive green. A country with sons and daughters who wage their battle looking into a microscope, wearing a white lab coat.

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Vilma chose to live on the side of duty

vilma espin

Death is a definitive word, but there are beings for whom it is hardly fitting, since dying means that something has ended. Vilma is among those who, in love with life, would give it up for her people, to live on in glory. Even after abandoning this world 14 years ago, she continues at our side. We could say a great deal about what she did, about the girl from Santiago – the second Cuban woman to graduate in Chemical Engineering – who chose a path that took her away from a comfortable existence, to Revolution.

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Over 9,000 patients have received regenerative medicine treatment in Villa Clara

medicos Villa Clara

The Regenerative Medicine Services Center in the central province of Villa Clara has treated over 9,300 individuals since its creation ten years ago. Mainly serving those living in the region, they have significantly improved quality of life with the use of innovative techniques. “The use of regenerative medicine seeks to repair, replace and regenerate cells, tissues and organs with the aim of restoring or recovering the regular functioning of the body,” explains Dr. Manuel Antonio Arce González, researcher at the Unit of Biomedical Research in Villa Clara and head of the Regenerative Medicine Services in the territory.

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Cuba has not renounced economic growth of approximately 6%

Cuba industria desarrollo

Despite the ravages of the blockade and the impact of COVID-19, Cuba has not renounced economic growth of approximately 6% in 2021, reported Alejandro Gil Fernandez, deputy prime minister and head of Economy and Planning, in an update on the economy’s performance in the first four months of the year. He pointed out that the Gross Domestic Product declined in 2020 on the order of 11%.

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Geo-semiotics of human rights

Colombia Derechos Humanos

The law is not the same for peoples who have never experienced social justice. The objective conditions in any given place determine the degree of awareness and practice of human rights, no matter how many specialized organizations are active there. What does the Charter of Human Rights mean where illiteracy, hunger, unemployment and insalubrity reign? Little or nothing. The defense of the rights conquered by humanity cannot be reduced to demagogic declarations that adorn the reformist verbiage and market philanthropy that abound.

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Human development key at local level

La Habana Cuba

Mobilizing territorial creativity, using knowledge, science and innovation in line with local needs, based on an intersectoral and transdisciplinary vision, was identified and scientifically validated as a key strategy by Party First Secretary and President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez. Undoubtedly, local development is today a public policy of strategic importance, with the Constitution itself codifying the autonomy and legal personality of provinces and municipalities, with a view toward promoting economic and social dynamics.