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Cienfuegos selected to host national July 26th commemoration

cienfuegos 26 julioThe Party Political Bureau has agreed to recognize the province of Cienfuegos by selecting its capital city as the venue for the national commemoration of the 69th anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes garrisons, July 26.

The decision reflects the excellent performance of the province’s people in the economic, political and social spheres, to which all sectors consistently contributed.
Economically the province has distinguished itself with the development of productive agricultural poles and the diversification of crops. Although it did not reach projections for the recently completed sugar harvest, stable results have been maintained over the last three years.

Housing program plans have been completed and the local production of construction materials increased.

In the sphere of services, the territory has made encouraging progress in the development of tourism, transportation, domestic commerce and computerization.
Progress in education, culture, health and sports has been made, and remarkable work was done in confronting COVID-19 and maintaining stability in health indicators.
Notable advances have been achieved in community cultural work, artistic education and the preservation of heritage sites.

Science and innovation institutions, led by the Party and government, with the active participation of Carlos Rafael Rodríguez University, had a favorable impact in a variety of sectors and local development projects.

The main political processes and programs of the Revolution have enjoyed broad popular support and participation.

Progress made in government work was noted during the last review conducted in the territory by the country’s national leadership.

In congratulating the province of Cienfuegos, the Political Bureau extends heartfelt recognition to the entire Cuban people, who have risen to the occasion in the face of adversity and starred in one of the most beautiful pages of heroism and dedication in defense of the nation and our colossal social justice project, despite continuous imperialist aggression.

For all these reasons, and more, the Political Bureau calls for commemorations of National Rebellion Day with great revolutionary and patriotic spirit, in close unity around the Party.

(Taken from Granma)

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