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US blockade causes millionaire losses to Cuban agriculture

conferencia-bloqueo-1-580x324The value of the damage caused to Cuban agriculture by the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States government on Cuba, only in the period from August 2021 to February of the current year, amounts to 270,852,548 dollars, they reported this Friday in Havana directors of the Ministry of Agriculture (Minag).

At a press conference, Orlando Díaz Rodríguez, director of International Affairs of the Minag, explained that this figure summarizes the income lost from exports of goods and services, losses due to geographical relocation of trade, as well as damages to production and services. , those of a monetary and financial nature and technological limitations.

He pointed out that this primary and strategic sector, since it taxes food for the people, does not escape the impact of the criminal economic war against Cuba, which has lasted more than six decades and intensified with the 243 coercive measures adopted by the Donald Trump administration ( 2017-2021), which remain in force with the government of Joe Biden.

The blockade affects the business system, cooperatives and individual producers, who have been unable to position their products in the North American market, even with its proximity and attractions, in addition to preventing any commercial relationship between the two countries, with Cuba having the potential to export to the US, said Díaz Rodríguez.

He mentioned tobacco, the main exportable item of Cuban agriculture, in addition to being the best in the world, fresh and industrialized fruits, honey and charcoal, among the items that the American people have been deprived of receiving or consuming. due to restrictions imposed by the White House.

He also exemplified Vidatox-30 CH, a homeopathic medicine from the Labiofam business group used as a complementary therapy for cancer treatment, and which, due to the criminal policy, cannot be marketed in the northern nation either.

The director of International Agricultural Affairs stressed that in that country, both businessmen and producers and other representatives of the agricultural sector have spoken out against the blockade and the measures that intensify it, and have expressed their interest in cooperation, in marketing with the largest of the Antilles, to invest here.

He recalled the validity of a memorandum of understanding between the Minag and the United States Department of Agriculture, which with the Trump administration was suspended.

He pointed out that this sector of the Cuban economy needs to import animal feed, supplies, technologies and raw materials to produce more food for the people, and has been limited even with the arbitrary and fraudulent measure of placing Cuba on the list of nations sponsors of terrorism.

The Master of Science Armando A. Miralles Calvo, director of Organization, Planning and Information of the Ministry of Agriculture, explained with official figures how in the last five years the US blockade has significantly hindered the production of livestock, pork, egg, milk, rice for human consumption and various crops, among other items.

(By: Fidel Rendon Matienzo/ ACN)

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