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They reveal the visual identity and slogan of the 43rd Havana Film Festival

Festival-cine-habana-43-identidad-visualThe new visual identity and slogan of the 43rd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema were presented at a press conference this Thursday in the Cuban capital.

Raúl Valdés González (Raupa), one of those in charge of the event’s audiovisual campaign together with Nelson Ponce Sánchez, commented that both the Festival’s poster and advertisement allude to the chain of events that take place in a movie theater, such as a kind of ritual for those who prefer to enjoy a good movie on the big screen.

“They refer to the great party that represents the arrival of this cultural event for lovers of the seventh art,” said Raupa.

In the House of the Festival, Nelson Ponce stressed that with his posters for the event he always tries to generate controversy on debatable topics and the image for the 43rd edition was no exception, because he insists on how the existence of new multimedia platforms, especially after The covid-19 pandemic affects the consumption of cinema in traditional spaces.

Yumey Besú Payo, director of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, stated that at the end of the call, on August 30, more than 2,200 films had been registered, a high number in terms of film production in the region, which will force specialists and organizers to an arduous selection process.

200 posters and around 220 unpublished scripts have been submitted to the contest, which, after going through the official selection, will opt for the prize in both categories.

As a novelty, by decision of the organizing committee, the delivery of the Arrecife Award is included, a new award that will recognize the Latin American work that best reflects the queer theme or another linked to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Intersex community (LGBTIQ +) .

Not only the films in competition will be eligible for this diversity award, Besú Payo clarified.

He pointed out that the passport will be resumed as a usual way of accessing the capital’s cinemas during the film event.

The 43rd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema will take place in Havana from December 1 to 11, 2022 and its main purpose will be to recognize and disseminate cinematographic works that contribute, based on their significance and artistic values, to the enrichment and reaffirmation of the Latin American and Caribbean cultural identity.


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