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María Salud Ramírez Caballero, Mama Coco, dies at 109


The woman who inspired the character of Mama Coco in the famous film Coco, produced by Pixar studios and winner of the Oscar in 2017 for best animated film, died this Sunday, Mexican authorities reported. “I deeply regret the death of Doña María Salud Ramírez Caballero, Mama Coco, a tireless woman and example of life, who was an inspiration for this beloved character who went around the world,” reported Roberto Monroy, Secretary of Tourism of Michoacán (west ), the state of origin.

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They reveal the visual identity and slogan of the 43rd Havana Film Festival


The new visual identity and slogan of the 43rd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema were presented at a press conference this Thursday in the Cuban capital. Raúl Valdés González (Raupa), one of those in charge of the event’s audiovisual campaign together with Nelson Ponce Sánchez, commented that both the Festival’s poster and advertisement allude to the chain of events that take place in a movie theater, such as a kind of ritual for those who prefer to enjoy a good movie on the big screen.

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Cinemas in Havana screen the film “Blonde”


The Yara cinema (from next Thursday to Sunday at 05:00 p.m.) and the Chaplin (Friday to Sunday at 06:00 p.m.) will screen the American feature film Blonde, by Australian director Andrew Dominik, starring Cuban actress Ana de Armas. Acclaimed at the Venice festival, where it had its world premiere, the film, produced by the Netflix streaming platform, has sparked controversy over the provocative treatment given to that icon of cinema that is Marilyn Monroe.

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Woody Allen announces the end of his career as a film director


The American film director Woody Allen revealed during a recent interview with the newspaper La Vanguardia that his next film will be his last. “My next film will be number 50, I think it’s a good time to stop. My idea, in principle, is not to make more movies and focus on writing, these stories and, well, now I’m thinking more of a novel, “he said. He added that “the movie business has changed; human stories are no longer so interesting”.Literature, on the contrary, is “an obsessive work”, according to Allen. “

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Icaic has not told Lester Hamlet that he cannot return to Cuba


On August 24, Cuban filmmaker Lester Hamlet published a post on his Facebook profile in which he declared that he had received a call from Icaic to inform him that he could not return to Cuba for the next five years as a result of a sanction for having exceeded in your travel time. Hamlet’s words quickly spread through social networks. To clarify this issue, Cubacine spoke with Tania Delgado, vice president of Icaic, who is responsible for the Institute’s international relations.

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Plantados, another anti-Cuban dud


Here is just one sample of what was said about that film, at the time, in this case by Spanish critic Beatriz Maldivia: “The film is, in short, a string of endless dialogues, poorly written, totally unrelated, and with no other purpose other than allowing Andy Garcia and Cabrera Infante to disseminate a kind of dissertation on Cuba that would be rejected by any children’s magazine. It is cinematically – not only ideologically – null and void.”

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Pérez Ureta, goodbye to a master


The first cinematographer in Cuba to win the National Film Award is the architect, in images, of a good number of Cuban films that remain forever in the imagination of viewers. Starting from scratch, film after film, Raúl Pérez Ureta got better, working to become an essential director of photography, to whose death, at 79 years of age, we can only respond by putting a hand to the chest and taking a long bow.

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Juan Carlos Tabío and the perfection he leaves us

cine juan c tabio

Arriving at the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Industry and Art (Icaic) in 1961 as a simple apprentice, Tabío made documentaries on various subjects before making his feature-length debut with Se permuta (1984), a film that inspired me, that very year, to write in these pages: “For Tabío it was important for viewers to not only have fun and laugh, but also reflect on what they were seeing, to feel part of the story and its possible solutions”

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First stage of Latin American Film Festival ends in Cuba


The first stage of the 42nd International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema ends today in Cuba, but the event will remain open because its competition days will take place in March 2021. Dividing the festival in two phases was the solution its organizers found amid the difficult situation unleashed by Covid-19 worldwide.

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Sexual diversity in cinema

cine diversidad sexual

While sexual diversity is present in contemporary filmmaking without the stigmas that once condemned it, the road to achieving freedom of expression has been long and tortuous. Cinema itself, conditioned by prejudice, has from the beginning opposed any sexual manifestation that was not considered “correct”.