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Cinemas in Havana screen the film “Blonde”

ana-y-Marylin-580x330The Yara cinema (from next Thursday to Sunday at 05:00 p.m.) and the Chaplin (Friday to Sunday at 06:00 p.m.) will screen the American feature film Blonde, by Australian director Andrew Dominik, starring Cuban actress Ana de Armas

Acclaimed at the Venice festival, where it had its world premiere, the film, produced by the Netflix streaming platform, has sparked controversy over the provocative treatment given to that icon of cinema that is Marilyn Monroe.

Blonde is an adaptation of the homonymous novel by the writer Joyce Carol Oates, which mixes real and fictional data to delve into the obsessions and traumatic life of Norma Jean, beyond the mythical character created by Hollywood.

Supporters and critics of the film agree in praising Cuban actress Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, in an intense, unsweetened portrait of the legendary platinum blonde.

(Taken from Tribune of Havana)

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