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French Festival in Cuba to Screen 14 Films


The 21st French Film Festival will premiere 14 contemporary French feature films from April 11th to 22nd, said organizers of the event. The festival has scheduled more than 100 screenings during two weeks, which totals 24 productions that include three documentaries, five classic feature films and one cartoon.

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Film and the October Revolution

acorazado potenkim

What is certain is that the Nazis were so impressed by the film directed by Sergei Eisenstein that they wanted an equivalent for their cause, without considering the insurmountable difficulty that such a venture entailed: Potemkin was not only the reflection of a new social world on the rise against oppression.

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Cuba: Passionate about film

Solas fest cine pobre

Waning cinema attendance is a phenomenon affecting today’s film industry, as spectators abandon theaters, preferring to watch movies in the comfort of their own homes. In Cuba however, although the number of cinemas has been declining, there still exists a genuine passion for film.

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December in Havana means movies

Sonia Bragas

What did you see today? For some. For others: How many did you see today? These are among the most frequent questions heard in Havana during the month of December, when hundreds of spectators went to the theaters, though they are but a few, belying the statement that “no one” goes to the movies. The dark theater, the big screen, still captivate.

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Danny Glover back in Cuba

Danny Glover

Today, U.S. actor Danny Glover arrived in Cuba, a country he has been visiting for over 20 years, and to which he always returns with an open heart ready to listen, learn and grow, reports Prensa Latina. Glover’s encounter with Gerardo Hernández, who he visited on many occasions while the decorated Hero of the Republic of Cuba was unjustly imprisoned in a California penitentiary, was a jovial one.

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Ethan Hawke and other Hollywood stars to attend Havana film festival

ethan Hawke

U.S. actor and four-times Oscar nominee, Ethan Hawke, figures among the foreign personalities attending the 37th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, which will present 444 films in the capital from December 3-13, 159 in the competitive selection. According to event organizers, following the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, more requests than the event could accept have arrived from the U.S.

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Cuban Film to Open Cinema Festival in Dominican Republic


Santo Domingo, Jul 16 (Prensa Latina) Cuban film Habanastation will open the 7th International Children´s Cinema Festival in the Dominican Republic, to be held from July 18 to 25. The festival, with venue in this capital and Santiago de los Caballeros City, will show more than 20 films, and nine of them will vie for the prize to the best film.