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“Our cinema has the duty to continue observing and telling what it sees”

Gaston argentino

Our marvelous city, ancient, cheerful, spectacular, continues to captivate with its charm all those who visit. Argentine actor Gastón Pauls was in Cuba for the first time in the 2000 and fervently insists that he makes films to come to Havana. “Nineteen years ago I had the opportunity to open the festival with the presence of Fidel in the front row; it was very moving,” and since then, he has come 17 times.

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Art embraces Havana

cartel festival cine

Every year, the Festival of New Latin American Cinema arrives as an obligatory event for lovers of good cinema and culture in general, and the 41st edition this December is not be missed.

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Oliver Stone: We are going to miss Fidel

oliver stone recortada

Speaking in Havana, the award-winning U.S. filmmaker Oliver Stone recalled his admiration for the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, who he described as “a brilliant person who predicted everything that has happened in the world since 2001.” Stone, who presented his most recent film, Snowden, based on the analyst who denounced the U.S. mass global surveillance system, during the 38th Havana International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, said that Fidel “had the ability to see everything very clearly,” and noted that “all those of us who knew him will miss him.”

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Movie lovers descend on Havana

geraldine chaplin habana

Festival president Iván Giroud commented in his opening remarks that the event occurs this year in a different environment, at a time when the world is facing new challenges, threats and uncertainty, in which organizers have as their first priority protecting Latin American cinema, implementing policies of promotion, preservation and development.