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International Transport Fair begins in Havana

feria.internacional-transporte-580x330Cuban and foreign representatives of the sector participate in the International Transport and Logistics Fair, sponsored by the Ministry of Transport (Mitrans) from today until October 6, in this capital.

The event, which takes place at the Pabexpo fairgrounds, brings together for the first time the new Cuban economic actors and guests from more than 10 countries.

Naima Alfonso Acosta, Deputy Minister of Transport, told the press when announcing the event that after the inauguration on Tuesday, the participants will discuss trends in sustainable mobility, logistics and the strategic projection of electromobility.

Use of renewable energy, repair and manufacturing, efficiency and new technologies are other topics on which the talks, conferences, presentations and exchanges of experiences will deal, which are the modalities of the program sessions.

In the attempt to encourage the development of the different actors of the Cuban economy, the promotion of direct foreign investment, the attraction of financing for the development of infrastructures and the expansion of supply networks of spare parts and materials are pursued.

According to its organizers, another fundamental moment of the Fair will be the Business Round, a space in which the naval, railway and automotive industries will present their main advances.

Mitrans directors assure that the International Transport and Logistics Fair will be the opportunity to achieve certain goals with a view to better service to the people and the successful performance of the Cuban economy.

At the Pabexpo fairgrounds, the forum receives businessmen from 12 countries, representatives of non-state forms of national management and Cubans residing abroad to promote business opportunities, cooperation projects and investments.

The fair will favor the consolidation of existing projects or those under negotiation in a sector hard hit by the US blockade, in order to provide better transportation to the population.

To this end, production, service and marketing companies from Mexico, Venezuela, Belgium, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands and Italy, and about 52 exhibitors from Cuba will be present with their offers.

In addition, the portfolio of foreign investment projects in transport and project management for international cooperation in the sector will be presented.

On the other hand, Cubana de Aviación will announce new cargo routes and the Cuban Aviation Corporation will promote its actions to increase operations based on tourism.

The launch of the new higher level career in Transportation Engineering is also planned, as well as a specialized business round to expose the progress of the naval, railway and automotive industries.

All these actions seek to encourage the development of the different actors in the economy, promote foreign direct investment, promote international cooperation and attract financing for the development of infrastructures, and stimulate and diversify exports of goods and services, fundamental objectives of the date.

An associated theoretical event also begins this Tuesday in which experts from different nations will debate topics such as the sustainable mobility of passengers and cargo, the modernization of means of transport and infrastructure, and the use of renewable energies.

The repair and manufacture of spare parts and aggregates, the efficiency of supply chains and logistics in general, and new technologies associated with services will also be part of the program.

(With information from Prensa Latina)

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