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20 people remain hospitalized due to an accident in Matanzas


Until 10:00 a.m. m. This Sunday, August 14, 132 people were injured, of which 20 are hospitalized, two people died and 110 patients were discharged.

The 20 patients are hospitalized in six health institutions in the country.

Continuing the expert work, yesterday the forces were divided into two main directions, one group to continue the inspection and search actions at the scene of the incident and another group dedicated itself to carrying out the studies of the fragments of bone remains found.

As a result of the work at the scene, new bone fragments were found in different locations, which have been raised for expert study. The group dedicated to the study of the recovered bone remains proceeded to classify and describe them, with the aim of evaluating the possible data of identifying interest, in correspondence with the files that were prepared for all the disappeared.

Work continues today at the scene of the event, until the entire planned area is exhausted, as well as the study of the bone fragments found.

Medical assistance continues to all injured people by our health professionals, with the necessary resources for their care.



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