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The dance of elegance


The first danzón titled Las Alturas de Simpson, created by Matanzas musician Miguel Faílde, is considered the national dance and intangible heritage of the Cuban nation. The work owes its name to the homonymous Matanzas neighborhood and gave rise to the dance known as danzón (or habanera). The public danced it for the first time on January 1, 1879, in the old Liceo Artístico y Literario de la Atenas de Cuba (today Sala White).

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Venezuelan airline Conviasa starts regular weekly flights to Cuba


The Venezuelan airline Conviasa began regular flights to Cuba this Sunday, with a weekly frequency, revealed an official source. The president of the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services (Conviasa), Ramón Celestino Velásquez, reported through his Twitter account that the company will link Havana with the state of Falcón, in the northwest of the South American country.

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Body of missing underwater fisherman found in Matanzas


The Civil Defense in the province of Matanzas confirmed the rescue of the body of Hensley Boza, 19 years old and a resident of the provincial capital, after he perished near the coast of the bay while practicing underwater fishing. Lieutenant Colonel William González Hernández, head of the Civil Defense in Matanzas, explained to TV Yumurí that around one in the afternoon last Monday, the young man along with his girlfriend was near the coast where they practiced underwater fishing.

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Cuban president visits supertanker base in Matanzas


Díaz-Canel arrived at the super tanker base in Matanzas. Photo: Presidency of Cuba/ Twitter. The first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic Miguel Díaz Canel Bermúdez arrived this Thursday at the industrial zone of Matanzas to check the recovery program of the supertanker base after an unprecedented fire that occurred due to an electrical discharge on August 5.

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Yirmara and journalism at the foot of danger


Yirmara is not going to like this chronicle. What’s more, she warned me not to write it. Maybe she thinks she doesn’t deserve it. Perhaps it will do everything possible so that some Google mechanism hides it in the cloud and nobody ever finds it in the infinity of networks. She won’t want anyone to read it. And I really do apologize. I will not be a flatterer, because I hate it, and so does she, and a flattering chronicle there is no God who reads it to her. Yirmara is not going to like this chronicle, but I have to write it.

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CITMA: The contamination caused by the fire in Matanzas does not compromise human health


On August 5, a fire broke out at the Supertanker Base in the city of Matanzas, caused by an electrical discharge in one of the tanks that stored national crude oil. From that moment on, the cloud of smoke and the fuel spill were warning signs for the environment and human beings. Matanzas is recognized for its natural values. Precisely, the sinister described as the first of this magnitude in the history of Cuba occurred very close to the bay, in an area close to different towns that were seen under the smoke coming from the place of the disaster.

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Matanzas fires solidarity firefighters with honors


Yurisbel Estrada Carrasco, Chief of the Cárdenas Firefighters Command, thanked the work of colleagues from the rest of the country and also those from other sister nations, the Cuban Red Cross, rescuers, combatants, volunteers, and those who sent humanitarian aid. The fire spread and caused the explosion at the supertanker base, in the industrial zone of this city; it was extinguished on the last 12 thanks to the work of specialized forces and media from Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela.They recognize Mexicans and Venezuelans who fought the fire in Matanzas

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Matanzas, 13 de agosto


Ayer algunos decidieron homenajear al Comandante abrazando la ciudad de Matanzas. Kcho con su arte, Gerardo con su tropa en el barrio, Popi con sus valientes de escafandra en el lugar del siniestro…“El mejor lugar para estar un 13 de agosto, -por la demostración de unidad, solidaridad y otros principios que nos enseñó Fidel- precisamente era Matanzas y por eso estamos aquí”, dijo ayer Kcho en el Taller de Lolo donde junto a obras de artistas contemporáneos dedicadas al Comandante estaban unos dibujos que realizaron los niños.

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Flying over the sinister

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As soon as he enters the helicopter cabin, the pilot Aniel Santiesteban Alberteris puts on a life jacket and establishes communication with Bahía Control, from where he directs each air operation at the scene of the incident. Control Bay. H-141 taking off from the platform for the water intake. Next to him, co-pilot Dairon González Espinosa signals to the flight instructor. Emerson Infante García has already checked the working parameters of the aircraft, engines, temperature, gases, oil.

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20 people remain hospitalized due to an accident in Matanzas


Until 10:00 a.m. m. This Sunday, August 14, 132 people were injured, of which 20 are hospitalized, two people died and 110 patients were discharged. The 20 patients are hospitalized in six health institutions in the country. Continuing the expert work, yesterday the forces were divided into two main directions, one group to continue the inspection and search actions at the scene of the incident and another group dedicated itself to carrying out the studies of the fragments of bone remains found.