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20 people remain hospitalized due to an accident in Matanzas


Until 10:00 a.m. m. This Sunday, August 14, 132 people were injured, of which 20 are hospitalized, two people died and 110 patients were discharged. The 20 patients are hospitalized in six health institutions in the country. Continuing the expert work, yesterday the forces were divided into two main directions, one group to continue the inspection and search actions at the scene of the incident and another group dedicated itself to carrying out the studies of the fragments of bone remains found.

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Spanish solidarity associations send new donations to Cuba


The Communist Party of Asturias, in coordination with the Cien x Cien Cubanos Association and the Valle del Nalón Hospital, also in Asturias, sent a donation with more than 340 kg of first-aid material, medicines and health products. It is expected the cargo to arrive in Cuba in coming few hours, based on coordination with IBERIA Airline. The Cuban citizen, Bárbara Marín, Cien x Cien Cubanos Association Chair, will hand over the cargo in Cuba on behalf of all people who contributed to this shipment.