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Cuban baseball to participate in Caribbean Cup

Cuba baseballThe Cuban Baseball Federation has expressed interest in participating in the third edition of the Caribbean Baseball Cup, to be held in Curaçao next April.

Higinio Vélez, head of the organization, told Jit that the tournament will include teams from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Panama, Peru, Chile and Aruba.

Ernesto Reinoso, national baseball Commissioner, reported that the Cuban team will include members of the pre-selection group to be designated at the end of the current season, with semifinals currently underway.

Reinoso specified that the selection of players will be dependent on the availability of athletes, since priority will be given to the recruitment process of other leagues, also in progress at this time.

“Our plan is to favor requests that arrive from other leagues, seen as part of our preparation, as is the case for players who represent us in Japan, and to travel to Curacao with a team composed of players not involved in these procedures,” explained the Commissioner.

He specified that under consideration are 16 proposals from Mexican and Italian leagues.

(Taken from Granma)

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