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“I am a faithful servant of the Revolution and sports”


Admiring a person from a distance leaves something to be desired in terms of fairly evaluating their value and determination to face life’s challenges. I experienced this first hand with the runner Omara Durand, although I have always seen in her a reflection of the invincible Cuban woman. A variety of reasons have previously prevented a dialogue.

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Meeting the needs of the National Baseball Series and more

deportes pulovers

The Cuban sports industry has not detained its operations during the pandemic, focused on the immediate objective of guaranteeing needed articles for the 60th National Series, set to begin September 12. Ruslán Olivares, director of development for the Batos enterprise, told Granma, “The priority is the National Series.

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Cuban baseball: All out for development, but not at all costs

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Baseball director addresses return of teams to the field for Cuba’s 60th National Series, and player eligibility for the season
• Since August 1, ballplayers have been back on the field. As stipulated in the sports movement’s post-epidemic action plan, teams participating in the 60th National Series, set to begin September 12, began training on that date.

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John Bolton’s wild pitch

besibol Bolton

The first, a left-handed pitcher who is a major league baseball star, with three Cy Young awards ,the highest distinction for a pitcher, and seven consecutive appearances in All-Star Games. The other, a dominant center in U.S. professional basketball (NBA) for 19 seasons. They came to share their skills with Cubans, in an unprejudiced atmosphere, amid smiles and jokes like those O’Neal played.

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May the change be genuine!


Sarah Hirshland, CEO of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, on June 8 in Colorado Springs, announced the creation of an “athlete-led group to challenge the rules and systems in our own organization that create barriers to progress, including your right to protest.” The assassination of George Floyd was apparently required for the Olympic sports governing body in the United States to contribute to alleviating the racial situation in the country.

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The dance of millions

Cuba deportes carreras

Although news of the postponement to July 2021 was announced in March, it is now that the question is being taken more seriously, putting in doubt the holding of the event on the rescheduled date – as no COVID-19 vaccine has appeared to slow the pandemic which continues to expand in several nations, including the United States, Brazil and Chile, and the World Health Organization warns of over-confidence where the numbers of cases are decreasing.

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Call for world governments to include sports in post-pandemic programs

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We all know that the Olympic Games promote fellowship among the more than 200 countries present in each edition. This is not, however, the only environment on earth capable of creating a fraternal atmosphere on the sports field. The world class athletes, convoked to these events (some 10,000 every four years) are a tiny portion of the millions inhabiting the planet, who do not always have access to sports given the paucity of government policies to support such activity and improve quality of life.

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Cuban sports give Covid-19 no chance

Deporte Cuba

The COVID-19 pandemic brought sport activities to a halt around the world. faced with the situation, Cuba suspended all competitive events, as well as the preparation of its athletes for the Tokyo Olympic Games, with the primary objective of protecting the health of all members of our sports movement. In a press conference held in the Ciudad Deportiva, senior officials of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (Inder) offered details of actions.

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Covid-19: Cuban sports events with international participation postponed

Eventos inder

Among efforts to prevent and confront Covid-19, the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (Inder) has decided to postpone events with international participation scheduled in Cuba until at least April 30. Inder has also limited, as much as possible, the number of delegations traveling abroad, focusing on events directly linked to the Olympic and Paralympic qualification processes, as long as they are supported by their respective international federations and conditions in the host nation are favorable.

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Caribbean Series begins without Cuba, excluded for deplorable political reasons


The Caribbean Baseball Series opened February 1 in Puerto Rico, with Cuba excluded, due to pressure from the United States and a deplorable political decision. Left out of the event at Puerto Rico’s Hiram Bithorn Stadium, was the nation that hosted the first edition of the classic in 1949. Nor do we forget that, in 1966, the U.S. government denied Cuban players visas to participate in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Puerto Rico an injustice that led to the historic Cerro Pelado adventure.