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They say we are the best in the world

cuba boxeo olympic

“The presence of the Kazakh team in our facilities was very fruitful, and enhanced the training plan we had designed for the Olympic Games. They demanded a higher level of physical conditioning of us, at just the right time.” The words of Rolando Acebal, head coach of the Cuban national boxing team, were emphatic. The strategist described as timely the visit of the Kazakhs, one of the three strongest teams in the sport, along with Cuba and Uzbekistan.

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Cuba will participate in the World University Chess Championship

Cuba ajedrez

Cuba will field two teams. The first includes Carlos Daniel Albornoz, champion of the recently conducted continental competition; Rachel Palmero, Pan-American bronze medalist; Augusto Campos, Jorge Elías, Abel López and Laritza Alfonso. Members of the second group include Jorge Gómez, Marlon La Villa, César Pérez, Melissa Rodríguez, Karla July Fernández and Leancy Fernández, according to information conveyed to Jit magazine by International Arbiter Isbel Herrera, chess coordinator for Cuban universities.

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Olympic Committee presents guidebook for sustainable sports


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) proposed in its latest Guide to collaborate with national Olympic committees and international federations to integrate efforts to promote sustainability into their operations and events. “The world sports community has the responsibility and opportunity to leave the world in better shape for future generations.

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Omara Durand: The Revolution has given Para Olympic athletes the opportunity to make our dreams come true

Omara Durand

Granma converses with the Cuban runner, recently selected by International Para Olympic Committee as the protagonist of the decade’s most outstanding moment “It is source of pride to win the final, with 499 votes, surpassing other great athletes in the survey conducted by the International Para Olympic Committee to select the most outstanding moment of the decade,” Cuba’s multi-medalist Omara Durand commented.

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“I am a faithful servant of the Revolution and sports”


Admiring a person from a distance leaves something to be desired in terms of fairly evaluating their value and determination to face life’s challenges. I experienced this first hand with the runner Omara Durand, although I have always seen in her a reflection of the invincible Cuban woman. A variety of reasons have previously prevented a dialogue.

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Meeting the needs of the National Baseball Series and more

deportes pulovers

The Cuban sports industry has not detained its operations during the pandemic, focused on the immediate objective of guaranteeing needed articles for the 60th National Series, set to begin September 12. Ruslán Olivares, director of development for the Batos enterprise, told Granma, “The priority is the National Series.

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Cuban baseball: All out for development, but not at all costs

base basll

Baseball director addresses return of teams to the field for Cuba’s 60th National Series, and player eligibility for the season
• Since August 1, ballplayers have been back on the field. As stipulated in the sports movement’s post-epidemic action plan, teams participating in the 60th National Series, set to begin September 12, began training on that date.

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John Bolton’s wild pitch

besibol Bolton

The first, a left-handed pitcher who is a major league baseball star, with three Cy Young awards ,the highest distinction for a pitcher, and seven consecutive appearances in All-Star Games. The other, a dominant center in U.S. professional basketball (NBA) for 19 seasons. They came to share their skills with Cubans, in an unprejudiced atmosphere, amid smiles and jokes like those O’Neal played.

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May the change be genuine!


Sarah Hirshland, CEO of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, on June 8 in Colorado Springs, announced the creation of an “athlete-led group to challenge the rules and systems in our own organization that create barriers to progress, including your right to protest.” The assassination of George Floyd was apparently required for the Olympic sports governing body in the United States to contribute to alleviating the racial situation in the country.

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The dance of millions

Cuba deportes carreras

Although news of the postponement to July 2021 was announced in March, it is now that the question is being taken more seriously, putting in doubt the holding of the event on the rescheduled date – as no COVID-19 vaccine has appeared to slow the pandemic which continues to expand in several nations, including the United States, Brazil and Chile, and the World Health Organization warns of over-confidence where the numbers of cases are decreasing.