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The year we learned to look each other in the eye

Foto: Irene Pérez.2020 was literally and metaphorically the year we learned to look into each other’s eyes. January began with the Matanzas triumph in the National Baseball Series . Nobody knew it, but it would be missing and missing time so that we can meet again, side by side and jumping with euphoria. And no one knew that the same do not yell at a stadium a Home Run to slam would give the world a lesson in humanism and solidarity.

The images of a cruise ship entering the Cuban port at dawn with several people positive for COVID-19 , a disease that had not yet reached the Island and that was becoming unknown, will surely remain for history, especially in that of those who They got out covered in biosecurity suits and silently shouting “I love you Cuba.”

In the year that will not be forgotten, there will also be the immortalized tears of the Cuban health professionals who left for the epicenter and the ends of the world to battle against the pandemic. Their faces upon being received at the airport after months away from home and in permanent risk of being infected, will forever fill the archive of our memory. Those Cubans who received them on one side of the road will do it in the same way, with a flag and a photo of Fidel in hand.

2020 was also, never to be forgotten, the year we lost too many people. People we had to fire in silence, late, filling balconies, painting walls and looking at the networks.

In the year of the pandemic, Cubadebate photographers grappled with the challenge of bringing us the image of the everyday when the known changed. Many of those lenses then went out to look for the photograph behind bars, in portals, streets and buses. It is always beautiful to reinvent yourself. Finding poetry in the common was also an achievement of these 366 days.

2020 was the year of solidarity, of the Cuban image, of predictions, of the red zone , of Sovereign , of talent and heroism. The year of the pandemic. The year we learned to look at each other and our photographers were there to see it.

We also share several works where some of the snapshots were originally published. Click on one of the photos to display all the images one after another on your screen and let us know in the comments which are your favorites .


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