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Cuba’s food security in the field

Machado agriculturaParty Second Secretary José Ramón Machado Ventura called for mobilizations to reverse damage caused by Tropical Storm Eta in the fields of Cienfuegos.

Over the course of an extensive day of work, combing practically all the principal agricultural poles of the province, Machado Ventura verified, in situ, that the current priority of the population is just that: working without rest to alleviate the situation caused by the intense rains and the delays in planting these generated.

Félix Duartes Ortega, member of Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee and first secretary in the province, who accompanied the Second Secretary throughout the day, informed him that the planting of 900 hectares in Horquita was delayed, and another 300 in Juraguá, both located in the municipality of Abreus.

Considerable damage to plantain fields was recorded in Venero, in Aguada de Pasajeros; and some 400,000 seedlings were lost in Cumanayagua, Duartes explained.

We have the machinery, the fuel, seeds, and the workforce committed to the upcoming season, reported Rolando Pérez Ramos, director of this agricultural pole.

Prioritized in Horquita are the more than 350 hectares of beans needed to feed the population, Duartes noted.

A similar spirit of work was appreciated by Machado Ventura in the Juraguá Pole, speaking with fruit grower Edey Suárez Martínez, affiliated with the Arimado Citrus Enterprise. He toured fields here, damaged tobacco seedling beds (that are being re-sown with the Criollo 2010 variety) and repaired greenhouses, where 90 % of the production is destined for export to generate hard currency for the country.

(Taken from Granma)

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