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To export, first produce with quality

Alimentos Villa claraIt is difficult to find an international visitor in Santa Clara who does stop by the Bormey Peanut House. Before the current pandemic, hundreds arrived every day, determined to purchase the delicious nougat sold there, to take to friends and relatives abroad.

Those with a sweet tooth in nations like Spain and Antigua & Barbuda, among others, will soon be able to purchase the famous peanut bars and other products based on the tasty, nutritious groundnut, without having to board a plane.

Orelvis Bormey, who is self-employed and the creator of the brand that bears his name, which includes a wide range of more than twenty products, is planning to export them for the benefit of customers abroad, his personal economy and that of the nation.

“If we have conquered the national market, why wouldn’t we also aim to win the favor of international customers,” says Bormey, who recognizes that the first thing anyone who wants to export must do is produce with quality, and take all necessary sanitary measures.

To achieve his goal, in coordination with authorities in the province, the first steps have been taken through Cubaexport. His idea also includes the development of a local development project to guarantee a stable supply of raw materials to produce the sweets to be exported.

In addition to this non-state economic project, four others in Villa Clara have taken significant steps to connect producers of handicrafts, ceramics and footwear, as well as furniture restoration services.

Eliminating the habit of importing and increasing exports by all sectors of Villa Clara’s economy cannot become just another slogan. It is a necessity, on which the financial resources to promote the country’s development depend.

Such is the conviction of Laritza Torres Niebla, head of the provincial government’s Department of Foreign Trade in Villa Clara, who is aware of the enormous potential that exists to continue expanding the number of exportable items and thus contribute to the development of the country and the region.

Although today a total of 106 products of export quality have been identified – 42 consolidated, 10 under development and 54 being promoted – the reality shows that the true potential of the province remains untapped, given the province’s strong agricultural and industrial sectors, Torres noted.

“At this moment, Villa Clara has five sectors that produce exports: agriculture, energy and mines, food processing, higher education and industry, which have been able to place 27 products on the international market,” Torres reported.

Among the products that Villa Clara is marketing internationally, she mentions honey, charcoal, twisted and processed tobacco, coffee, gold, lobster, copper scrap, and aluminum and the anti-microbial Vitrofural, among others, which, given their high quality, enjoy prestige in the countries where they are sold.

Artisan charcoal exports were recently re-initiated, by companies like Valle del Yabú, which last week sold more than 18 tons through Cítricos Caribe S.A., an entity that promotes products and services from the Agricultural Enterprise Group associated with the Ministry of Agriculture.

(Taken from Granma)

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