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Public Health measures in Covid-19 pre-epidemic stage

aeropuerto covidA total of 11 measures have been established for the pre-epidemic stage of the battle against Covid-19 in Cuba

1- Maintain epidemiological surveillance at ports of entry for all residents returning to the country from abroad.

2- Increase the number of health personnel at all air, land and sea terminals within the country, to prevent passengers with fever or respiratory symptoms from boarding any means of public transportation.

3- Issue a red card advisement (epidemiological surveillance, Mod. 82-32) to all travelers from abroad, indicating the obligation to cooperate with the epidemiological surveillance process and report to health authorities immediately upon reaching their final destination.

4- Place in isolation for surveillance, upon arrival, all travelers from abroad who are Cuban residents, for a period of 14 days, in institutions established by Public Health authorities. Failure to comply with this health measure may constitute a crime.

5- Increase clinical-epidemiological surveillance and medical supervision for international visitors in hotels, during their stay at these facilities. The Ministry of Public Health will coordinate with Tourism authorities to increase the number of health personnel on hand to ensure compliance with this measure.

6- Provide medical surveillance check-ups for all staff members continuing to work in hotels, twice a day, by trained health personnel.

7- The presence of any person with respiratory issues or symptoms in workplaces, schools or other centers is prohibited, and such individuals are required to immediately visit a public health facility to be evaluated.

8- Reinforce home care by family doctors and nurses, giving priority to vulnerable sectors of the population, as well as new mothers and infants. Provide older adults the support they need to stay home, using differentiated approaches.

9- Establish means of communication between homes and health care authorities, for persons with respiratory symptoms and the control of transmission sites, via telephone and electronic messages.

10- Establish as mandatory in all public places, workplaces and schools, the disinfection of hands with a 0.1% sodium hypochlorite solution, for persons wishing to access these sites.

11- Temporarily suspend plans for vacations and ending missions for personnel participating in cooperative efforts abroad, associated with all Central State Administration agencies.

(Source: Granma)

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