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At the people’s order

Covid Santiago de C uba

Our people feel especially secure knowing that, among the health care centers confronting the new coronavirus, are institutions affiliated with the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), including the Dr. Joaquin Castillo Duany Military Hospital, which, since its doors opened 58 years ago, inaugurated by the then Comandante Raul Castro Ruz, serves military and civilian patients with the same dedication. “By decision of the country’s leadership,” explains the hospital’s director, Lieutenant Colonel Doctor Abel Poulot Mendoza,

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IPK, Cuba’s command center


With the fundamental mission of controlling, preventing and treating infectious diseases that affect the Cuban population, the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) is currently functioning as Cuba’s command center in the Public Health system’s battle to develop prevention and training strategies to confront the global threat of the new SARS COV-2 coronavirus. The institution’s National Reference Laboratory, of international prestige, is one of the three responsible for confirming cases of Covid-19, the disease resulting from this dangerous virus.

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Public Health measures in Covid-19 pre-epidemic stage

aeropuerto covid

A total of 11 measures have been established for the pre-epidemic stage of the battle against Covid-19 in Cuba. Maintain epidemiological surveillance at ports of entry for all residents returning to the country from abroad.Increase the number of health personnel at all air, land and sea terminals within the country, to prevent passengers with fever or respiratory symptoms from boarding any means of public transportation.