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Martí is always with us

MartiA beautiful, difficult year is behind us; a challenging year ahead. In the transition from one to the other, in days of resistance and victory, yesterday, today and tomorrow, encouraging us is the image, the example and the work of José Martí.

Over the 61 years that have transpired since the January victory, and even before – since Fidel in his foundational defense in the Moncada trial when he proclaimed Martí as the intellectual author of the assault – the Apostle has always been a reference point, an indispensable guide.

No matter how much enemies and expatriates have attempted to distort the content of his unequivocal messages in favor of full sovereignty and the world’s equilibrium, social justice and the defense of human dignity, Martí stands tall.

As he does now, when the empire’s siege is tightened and millions of Davids, forged in the unity of our people, are preparing not only to resist defeat, but to turn dreams into reality, despite the onslaught of that Goliath unsuccessfully attempting to impose dictates on the Island and the continent.

We are the Davids who understand the value of the identity bequeathed to us by Martí: “I do not know what tender mystery this sweet word holds, nor what taste so pure… which is already so beautiful, that if it is pronounced as it should be, it seems to be air, a golden nimbus, and nature is the throne or mountain top! Saying Cuban, a sweetness of gentle brotherhood pervades our guts.”

We are the resolute people who fight alongside him and declare with open hearts: “Life must be daily, mobile, useful; and the first duty of a man of these days, is to be a man of his time.”

Committed to the ideas of Martí and Fidel, tireless and determined, we back with words and action the words of President Miguel Díaz-Canel welcoming 2020: “Cubans are winners of the impossible. This is a good moment to propose another year of positive exceptionality.”


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