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Our guide toward the good of all

Marti pintura

The First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba’s Central Committee, Army General Raul Castro Ruz, and the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, sent tributes yesterday, May 19, to José Martí, whose fruitful life, 125 years after his glorious death in combat, continues to guide a Revolution “with all and for the good of all.” Just as the sun touched the tomb covered by a Cuban flag that holds the Apostle’s remains, in the city’s Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, floral wreaths to honor our national hero were deposited, in the names of Raúl and Díaz-Canel, by Lázaro Expósito Canto.

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Martí, always a leader, the Teacher, the Apostle

Marti inmigrantge eeuu

Marti inmigrantge eeuuSurely no one thought of death in the Dos Rios camp on that busy morning of May 19, 1895. It is likely that the night before Martí interrupted the letter he was writing to Manuel Mercado when Bartolomé Masó arrived with his cavalry troops from Manzanilllo, who then continued on to the Vuelta Grande camp to give the horses a rest. That is why, very early, before going to La Vuelta Grande, Martí wrote what would be his last text: a note to Máximo Gómez informing him of Masó’s arrival.

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Solemn silence and living strength

niño pntura marti

The mausoleum that honors the Apostle, Cuban’s national hero, José Martí, in Santiago, preserves the solemn silence of the scrub, in the hours following his death, on May 19, 1895. Today it is only interrupted by the chords of the elegy to José Martí, composed by Comandante de la Revolución Juan Almeida Bosque. His remains are guarded tirelessly by an honor guard, with white flowers never missing and the Cuban flag resting on his tomb which is touched by the sun throughout the day.

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Martí with me, with us

Canel Marti

With pleasure I have read dozens of messages posted on the Presidency’s website, regarding the January call to pay just tribute to the most universal of Cubans. Some of these are so beautiful they make you want to reproduce them as graffiti. Although only names or pseudonyms are written, no professions or ages, it is very comforting to note that, in addition to numerous well-known followers of Martí, the majority are educators and young people interested in making their feelings about Martí public.

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Martí is always with us


A beautiful, difficult year is behind us; a challenging year ahead. In the transition from one to the other, in days of resistance and victory, yesterday, today and tomorrow, encouraging us is the image, the example and the work of José Martí.

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Fernández Retamar awarded the International/UNESCO José Martí Prize

Fdez Retamar

Poet and essayist Roberto Fernández Retamar described receiving the International/UNESCO José Martí Prize as one of the great honors of his life. The jury recognized the prestigious intellectual’s efforts to defend “justice, the rights of children, ethical values, the dignity of each man and woman and the fight against racism.

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Lighting the night to recall Martí

Diaz Canel antorchas

In Havana last night, a sea of youth advanced down University Hill to the Fragua Martiana, near the city’s waterfront, to celebrate a date all Cubans know: the birth José Martí.

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Nothing more sublime than the homeland

Marti dibujo

El Diablo Cojuelo – a newspaper created to inform students in Havana of the corruption imposed by the colonial regime in Cuba, named for a character for in a novel by Luis Vélez de Guevara – appeared January 19, 1869.

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Martí lives on


He was not seeking death, as some have erroneously contended, although José Martí was well aware of the very real possibility in wartime. It was logical that he should comment in his correspondence from the field to his Mexican friend Manuel Mercado: “I can write now… I am in danger of giving my life for the country every day.”

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José Martí honored

Jose marti homenaje

Floral wreaths on behalf of leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz and Army General Raúl Castro Ruz were placed in homage to José Martí at the mausoleum where his remains lie in the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, on the 121st anniversary of his death.