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Attempted robbery

Cuba pueblo artistasAnti-Cuban mercenaries make the mistake of believing that Martí has become nothing more than a statue, an appropriate figure to include in their farces, but he has long since come down from pedestals and walks among his people

Just as he is, in his authentic dimensions, José Martí is of no use to their cause. This would require suppressing a good many texts, no longer publishing them, condemning them to oblivion to such an extent that they become obscure, a topic of study for experts only. Anti-Cuban mercenaries were obliged to quote only certain phrases in their most recent farce, which taken out of context, could serve them very well.

They were looking for a decaffeinated hero, a ‘lite’ patriot, but they found it uncomfortable to actually come face to face with his words, especially with his last, dedicated to Manuel Mercado, with his devastating definition of a monster, a country that boasted of being an eagle. The clairvoyance of a man who portrayed them with his pen hurts them, but without him, without presenting him as their ally, they could do little to subjugate Cuba.

If he were alive, they would not even have tried; he was much too loyal and honest to switch sides. But now, believing he had become nothing more than a statue, a bust or poster, they perceived him as an appropriate figure to incorporate into their manipulative games. They calculated that there would be no repeat of what happened in 1953, when a generation of young rebels made sure that Martí did not die in the year of his centenary.

Again and again they have attempted to misrepresent him in radio and television appearances that are never seen or heard, stories about the improbable intrigues of Gomez and Maceo, slogans and photos on Calle 8, ridiculous events every May 20th, badly translated quotes from the mouths of imperialist Presidents, the unreal Martí who they pretend to honor acting like pigs, perhaps inspired by the disgraceful behavior of drunken Marines, in the Havana of the1950s.

But their pitiful attempts will be reduced to ashes; the people ignite their torches and keep Martí’s light alive. He has long since come down from pedestals and walks among his people, who care for him, because he continues to be the Teacher who guides us.

(Taken from Granma)

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