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Educate and orient the revolutionary masses, an undeniable privilege of our Party

Fidel cartaThe entire country has received with joy and enthusiasm the news of the constitution of our Central Committee. The names of the compañeros who will serve on this Committee, as well as their histories, are well known. … We have attempted to choose those who in our opinion represent, in the most thorough way, the history of our Revolution…

There is no heroic episode in the history of our country in recent years that is not represented here; there is no sacrifice, there is no battle, there is no feat – be it military as civilian, heroic or creative – that is not represented. There is no revolutionary or social sector that is not represented. I am not referring to organizations. When I say sector, I’m talking about workers, I’m talking about young people, I’m talking about campesinos, I’m talking about our mass organizations…

And as we understand that we have reached the fortunate point when, once and for all, all kinds of nuances, all types of origins that distinguished some revolutionaries from others, have disappeared, and we have reached the fortunate point in the history of our revolutionary process when we can say that there is only one type of revolutionary, and the name of our Party must convey not what we were yesterday, but what we are today and what we will be tomorrow…We will take full advantage of this, we will move at a rapid pace toward the future, with a party that must lead, that must address all fronts, because all fronts must be addressed by our Party, all problems must be studied. And for this, we have created commissions, and new commissions will be created. And there will not be a single problem that is not subject to study and in-depth analysis by the Party, so that every analysis produces a directive, the correct orientation and the best orientation…

I said that we will pave our road to communism and we will reach communism. We are sure, as we were of reaching this point.

Our Party will educate the masses, our Party will educate our members. Understand this well: Our Party! No other party, but rather our Party, and its Central Committee!

And the prerogative of educating and orienting the revolutionary masses is an undeniable privilege of our Party, and we will be fierce defenders of this right.

And we aspire not only to a communist society, but to a communist world in which all nations have equal rights; we aspire to a communist world in which no nation has the right to veto, and we hope that the communist world of tomorrow never presents the same picture of a bourgeois world torn by civil strife; We aspire to a free society, of free nations, in which all peoples – large and small – have equal rights.

Source: Speech delivered by Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, during the presentation of the Communist Party of Cuba’s first Central Committee, October 3, 1965.

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