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First joint enterprise launched by Cuba and Russia

MarielIn spite of desperate attempts by the United States to curb commercial collaboration between Cuba and other nations, the country’s alliance with Russia has not been damaged, Deputy Minister of Industries José Gaspar Álvarez Sandoval, assured Granma.

The results of this collaboration are palpable, Álvarez stated, as evidenced by the recent approval of the first Cuba-Russia joint enterprise which will produce composite construction materials.

“When the investment process is concluded, following the approval of Teccomp Caribe, S.A. – which will require approximately one year – and then the construction of the plant in the Mariel Special Development Zone, we will have a way to reduce imports to the island,” he reported.

The Teccomp Caribe, S.A. facility, with modern technology installed, will provide a stable supply of bars and netting composed of glass fiber, to complement the customary use of steel in construction. Among the advantages of these materials are their durability, resistance, light weight, and anti-corrosive properties, Álvarez added.

The new joint venture is the result of a partnership between the Cuban state enterprise Siment Aut S.A and the Russian company United Composite Technologies. The general directors of both entities described the collaboration as very valuable, with the introduction of new technology and software, in addition to the positive social impact.

According to Siment Aut experts, with the constitution of this enterprise, production for export to the Caribbean will also be promoted.

We oppose the extraterritorial policy of the United States government and will not allow this to hamper the alliance between Cuba and Russia, even if it means sanctions for our country. We will maintain the friendship that our countries have shared since the days of the Soviet Union, concluded the Russian Federation’s Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Vasiliy Sergeevich Osmakov.


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