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A distillery completes a productive cycle in the sugar industry

cienfuegosThe reactivation of the Alficsa Plus S.A. distillery has already begun to bear fruit in Cienfuegos, with the first production of fine alcohols for Cuba and the world. The distillery – operated by a joint company with capital contributed by the AzCuba state enterprise group and a Spanish firm, and linked to the Antonio Sánchez sugar mill in the municipality of Aguada de Pasajeros – has successfully concluded its start-up period and initiated the production process.

Engineer Lucía Mayra Rodríguez Rivero, executive vice president of the Cuba-Spain joint venture, noted that in addition to the positive economic and productive results of the plant, with the capacity to produce more than 1,000 hectoliters of fine alcohol a day, the facility completes a productive cycle in the sugar industry, taking advantage of a byproduct of the refining process as raw material.

Alficsa Plus S.A. has emerged as a paradigm in the generation of productive chains and close industrial cycles, not only using a sugar byproduct as its fundamental raw material, but also producing substances itself that are used in the production of torula yeast for animal feed and carbon dioxide for beverages.

Rodríguez reported that contracts with Havana Club Internacional rum makers, and the perfume company Suchel Camacho, have already been signed, and that the factory will serve as the main supplier of raw material for these entities for the foreseeable future.

Given the plant’s capacity, in addition to supplying the domestic market, several agreements have been established to provide spirits of excellent quality to customers in the Caribbean and Latin America.


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