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Cuban government keeps an ear to the ground

Salva mesaThe first vice president of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, Salvador Valdés Mesa, visited the province of Mayabeque, to check on progress in agricultural production.

During a Provincial Administration Council meeting, examined were the status of supplies needed for the 2019-2020 winter planting season, local self-sufficiency efforts to produce 30 pounds per capita of food and vegetables, and the production of meat, cassava, boniato, and taro; as well as progress in meeting projections for milk, fresh produce shipments to the capital, and the production of corn for animal feed.

According to the Presidential website, Valdés Mesa, emphasized the importance of the contracting process as a strategic means to achieve greater discipline and control, with a view toward signing agreements with 100% of producers.He stressed the importance of rehabilitating liquid feed plants and advancing in the production of corn, cassava, and boniato for the population’s consumption and animal feed, with emphasis on improving yields.During a tour of areas under cultivation, the First Vice President asked about working conditions and the results of different productive formats, in the province that sends almost 80% of its productions to the capital.


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