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Economists’ Congress Continues in Cuba

ANEC-CongresoThe 8th Congress of the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC) continues on Thursday at Havana”s Convention Center with debates on the state enterprise and financing.

On the second day of sessions, nearly 400 delegates are also debating on the new forms of non-state management, direct foreign investment and foreign trade, training on economics and accountability, audits and public control and administration.

On Wednesday, Economy and Planning Minister Alejandro Gil gave a lecture on the importance of productive chains, which he described as a major need for the country.

He also noted the need for local development based on the endogenous resources of each territory, and called to disconnect from the dependence on imports.

For his part, ANEC President Oscar Luis Hung referred to nearly 80,000 members of the organization who are committed to improving Cuba’s economy.

He added that over the past five years, the ANEC has developed strong alliances with agencies and institutions.

Hung highlighted the training of delegates, people’s council presidents and other officials from the People’s Power Economic Commissions to master the tools for supervision and control. The Congress, being held under the slogan Contributing to Development, aims to find solutions to the problems affecting Cuba’s economy.

(Prensa Latina)

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