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Birán, where the homeland’s youth is always present

BiranIn Birán, we feel the same sun, the same breeze, felt anywhere else on the island, but there is something different here.

Perhaps it is the greatness to which this spot is linked, that inspires a solemnity which moves and cheers us, giving us the confidence to continue and create.

Sensed here, as well, are the dreams of youth, of big projects, that will become realities, not utopias if they are given wings, effort and pride. Because Fidel is present in this patch of land – his certain, clear, enduring presence.

It is only right that today, April 4, 2,000 young people have chosen to awake in the vicinity of the Birán Historical Monument, birthplace of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, to announce the convocation of the Young Communists League’s 11th Congress, to be held in 2020

“It will be a high point of deep significance and with the beloved presence of Fidel, a day full of patriotism and joy, because we know that the future we are building today belongs to us,” insisted Susely Morfa González Party Central Committee member and first secretary of Young Communists League, speaking with Granma.

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