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Cubans Convinced Referendum is a Sign of Democracy

0MiriamIluminadaCubans affirmed that the constitutional process that is currently marking an important stage with the referendum for the ratification of the new constitution is a reflection of democracy in their country.

Miriam Iluminada Rech, coordinator of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution in the 57th precinct in Playa municipality, where President Miguel Diaz-Canel voted just a few hours ago, affirmed that a revolutionary town is the one who is voting on a new Constitution.

Among the motivations of Cubans to attend the democratic event, Rech mentioned the greatness of the Revolution and the values it fosters such as humility and humanism.

‘Because this Revolution as our Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, said, is of the humble and for the humble and that is us Cubans, a humble but honest people with an impeccable morality’, she said.

In as much, Mara Valdes, neighbor of that municipality, assumed as a right and a duty her participation in the referendum and to support the new Magna Carta.

‘Certainly (the law of laws) is more appropriate to the new times and I think it will benefit us a lot because it is much wider and more inclusive,’ she said.

At the same time, Merida Cano, 75, recalled that in Cuba the text was discussed in each neighborhood, work centers, and the people expressed their criteria, so, she said, that is in the later a duty compliance with what is established in that law.

She also warned that Cuba’s vote for the ratification of the new Constitution represents the support for Venezuela, which is in the sights of the United States.

Cano also stated that Washington dreams on Venezuela´s fall because it considers that the domino effect can defeat the Cuban Revolution, something that it has not been able to do in 60 years.

She also pointed out that the majority of the Cuban people will demonstrate with the vote yes their commitment to the continuity of the socialist project of the country and its solidarity with the Venezuelan Government and people.

This is until the last breath, she concluded.

(Prensa Latina)

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