Articles of Constitution of the Republic

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If the referendum were today, success is guaranteed

Si referendo

The trial run held this Sunday was completed satisfactorily throughout the country, allowing electoral authorities at all levels to evaluate the preparation of plans and personnel in place, to successfully conduct the Constitutional Referendum, be held next Sunday, February 24,

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Cuba for all

Si Constitucion

What has been done in the field of human rights, whatever the context, always implies progress, because the achievements in this area are for everyone without distinction, and their recognition in the Constitution means protection on an equal footing

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A Constitution for and by the people

Constitucion , referendo

With their presence at the polls this coming February 24, the Cuban people will reaffirm their commitment to the continuity of the Revolution and the determination to defend its conquests, and as the best way to honor José Martí, Fidel Castro, and the homeland’s heroes, stated Esteban Lazo Hernández, president of the National Assembly of People’s Power, during a visit to the Special Municipality.

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To support the Constitution is to support the equality that the Revolution has promoted

FMC Congreso

We are certain that Cubans will support the constitutional process and the 10th Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women, which will take place in the capital March 6 through 8.

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The reasons behind my vote

Niños referendo

I am not a legal scholar. My reading of the Constitution is one of a citizen conscious of her responsibility and commitment to the future of the country.

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Upcoming referendum exemplifies citizen participation in the new Constitution

Bandera Palma

One of the most important steps leading to the February 24 referendum on Cuba’s new Constitution took place recently with the establishment of electoral commissions at the provincial, municipal, and constituency level, and for special voting sites.

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Referendum: A democratic exercise


ON February 24, the Cuban people, exercising their sovereignty, will decide on one of the most important issues for the country: the approval in a popular referendum of the new Constitution.

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A sacred text that will guide our nation


THE new Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, discussed and analyzed by deputies, and enriched by the proposals of the population, was approved by roll-call vote of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) on December 22, during the closing session of the Second Ordinary Session of its Ninth Legislature, attended by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz.

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The figure of the President of the Republic in the structure of the Cuban State


IN the report presented December 21 by Homero Acosta, secretary of the Council of State, during the Second Ordinary Session of the National Assembly of People’s Power’s Ninth Legislature, on the outcome of the popular consultation on the draft Constitution of the Republic, one of the most discussed issues was that referring to the figure of the President of the Republic.

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A text enriched by the contributions of the Cuban people

di`putada Constitucion

Secretary of the Council of State, Homero Acosta, presented December 21 a detailed report to the National Assembly of People’s Power on the results of the popular consultation process on the draft Constitution, including the most debated issues and significant changes to the tex.