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The defense of the socialist homeland is an honor, a duty and a right

ConstiutucionWhat law has greater authority than the one that grants legitimacy, written and approved by the vote of the overwhelming majority of the people, who enact it themselves, for their own wellbeing, to define the present and protect the future of their children?

What opinion can refute the arguments set forth in the Constitution of the Republic, or annul the rights established for its citizens, when every one of its words was reasoned, proposed, debated and endorsed with the broadest and most active participation of the authentic people?

An independent nation is our greatest patrimony, and the path chosen to advance and preserve what we have freely and sovereignly achieved are also protected by the Constitution, approved by more than 86% of eligible Cuban voters, coming together as a people in a Constituent Assembly, responsible for converting its dictates into law, like this one, which defines what is sacred and untouchable:


-The defense of the socialist homeland is the greatest honor and the supreme duty of every Cuban.

-Betrayal of the homeland is the most serious of crimes, and those who commit it are subject to the most severe penalties.

-The socialist system that sustains this Constitution is irrevocable.

-Citizens have the right to combat by all means, including armed struggle, when no other recourse is available, against anyone who attempts to overthrow the political, social and economic order established by this Constitution.

(Taken from Granma)

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