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Cuba votes in referendum its new Family Code


This September 25, Cuba submits the new Family Code to a popular referendum, a step that will decide on the entry into force of this important legislation. From seven in the morning, the more than 24,000 polling stations in the country will open their doors in a civic and democratic process that constitutes an unprecedented event: never before has a law been submitted to the will of the people, who will have the last word (Yes or No), which as simple as it may seem, has great significance for the present and future of the nation.

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Cuban President votes in a referendum on the Family Code


The President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, and his wife Lis Cuesta arrived at 7:48 in the morning at school 3 of constituency 57, in the municipality of Playa, where they exercised their right to vote in the popular referendum. of the Family Code. At the end of the process, he told the press that it is going to be an intense day, which we arrived at as a result of a process that had to do with the construction of a fair, necessary, up-to-date, modern regulation that gives rights and guarantees to all people and diversities of families and creeds.

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Cuba carried out a dynamic test prior to the popular referendum on the new Family Code


The dynamic test prior to the popular referendum on the new Family Code, to be held on September 25, ended today throughout Cuba. During the exercise, the specialists checked the availability of material and human resources, as well as computer systems and data transmission. The president of the National Electoral Council, Alina Balseiro, explained that the electoral steps taken are very important, both the dynamic test and the vote abroad, planned as established in the program.

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Havana prepared for the dynamic test of the Popular Referendum of the new Family Code


Havana is ready for the dynamic test that this Sunday will put into practice the electoral system with a view to the popular referendum of the new Family Code, Maydelis Dupuy Zapata, president of the Provincial Electoral Council, assured today. Exclusively to the Cuban News Agency, the official explained that the territory’s 3,891 polling stations will open this Sunday and the conditions for this process will be verified, although the voting rehearsal and data processing will be carried out in 4,000 chosen polling stations. .

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Over 7.5 million Cubans voted the new Constitution


The National Electoral Commission reported that until five o’clock in the Sunday afternoon over 7.5 million Cubans had gone to the polls, which represents 81.53 percent of the total registered voters in the updated lists.

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Cubans’ Participation in Referendum Exceeds 80 Percent


One hour after the closure of more than 24,000 polling stations in Cuba for the referendum on the new Constitution, about 81.53 percent of voters had exercised their right to vote, the National Electoral Commission (CEN) said on Monday.

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Maduro Lauds Constitutional Referendum in Cuba

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday congratulated the Cuban people and Government for the referendum on the new Constitution on Sunday.

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Cubans Convinced Referendum is a Sign of Democracy


Cubans affirmed that the constitutional process that is currently marking an important stage with the referendum for the ratification of the new constitution is a reflection of democracy in their country.

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Raul Castro Votes in Cuban Referendum


The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Raul Castro, voted this Sunday in the referendum on the new Constitution of the Republic.

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Residents in the Westernmost Tip of Cuba Support Cuban Constitution


Residents in San Antonio Cape, the westernmost tip of Cuba, are present Sunday at the polls to support the new Cuban Magna Carta.