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Havana prepared for the dynamic test of the Popular Referendum of the new Family Code

1709-codigo-familias-cuba1-1-580x388Havana is ready for the dynamic test that this Sunday will put into practice the electoral system with a view to the popular referendum of the new Family Code, Maydelis Dupuy Zapata, president of the Provincial Electoral Council, assured today.

Exclusively to the Cuban News Agency, the official explained that the territory’s 3,891 polling stations will open this Sunday and the conditions for this process will be verified, although the voting rehearsal and data processing will be carried out in 4,000 chosen polling stations. .

From six in the morning and until one in the afternoon, the dynamic test will be carried out, in which the electoral authorities and the population will intervene, she said.

On September 25, the day of the popular referendum, it is expected that 1,626,047 capital voters will go to the polls to cast their vote for the new Family Code, a step that will decide on the entry into force of this important law.

Dupuy Zapata affirmed that several months ago the trainings in accordance with the electoral law began, the lists of voters were verified and updated, explanatory brochures were prepared and the system for processing the information was prepared.

I consider that the Code is very positive, inclusive, respects the decisions of people and the rights that the current law does not include, she asserted.

She highlighted that the legal norm protects grandparents, defends the possibility of same-sex marriage, the responsibility of parents and contemplates the different types of families. It is a Code for the future of all, she said.

The National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba approved in its July 2022 session the new Family Code after a popular consultation process, which will enter into force if it receives the majority affirmative vote (yes) of the valid votes cast by the voters.

(Taken from ACN)

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