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A party for the guests

Cuba deportes beisbolHappy with the result and in a good mood, Panamanian manager Manuel Rodríguez, said that this Caribbean Series was a party for the guests, referring to the fact that his team and Cuba’s, which met in the final, attended by invitation.

“Definitely, this is the biggest victory of my career as an athlete and manager,” he commented, anticipating reporters’ questions.

“I’m happy because we worked hard and I coached a battle-tested team that never gives up, and comes out to play nine innings… and here is the result,” he continued.

He was likewise able to appreciate the strengths of his opponent, saying, “The Cuban team is tremendous, with tradition, always puts up a fight. I congratulate them, as well.”

Two of Panama’s leaders, short stop Javier Guerra, most valuable player, and closer Manny Corpas, agreed with his evaluation, saying that their unity had won them the victory.


The Panamanian team, the Bulls from Herrera, came out to devour Las Tunas and was able to win the final game on February 10, 3-1, and capture their second title in the Caribbean Series.

Many commentators say that Panama surpassed its real possibilities, and that Las Tunas could have done better. Throughout the tournament they batted hard for the title in Rod Carew Stadium, with 12,000 fans in the stands.

Pitching was again key to the win over Cuba. An unexpected result, but a victory after all, and well deserved. Everything happened in the first inning. It was the beginning and, at the same time, the end of the game. They scored two runs that would have sufficed to take the title, but added one more in the seventh.

The Las Tunas offense folded again. Batters could do little to support Freddy Asiel Alvarez, who overcame a shaky start and stood firm for more than six innings without allowing a run.”We face high-quality pitchers, our athletes must gain discipline at the plate,” said manager Pablo Civil, summing up Cuba’s performance.
Most reporters considered Cuba the favorite, given its history and quality players, with several calling the Cuban team one to approach with care. Few imagined the outcome, it was unexpected, but this should take nothing away from the Panamanian team’s strengths. The Bulls thought otherwise and came out with the intention of winning.

They had the support of enthusiastic fans throughout the nine innings. Apparently, Cuba’s Saturday win – that paved their way to the final – didn’t give them enough momentum to win the last game.


Most valuable player: Javier Guerra, shortstop (Panama)
Right-handed pitcher: Lázaro Blanco (Cuba)
Left-handed pitcher: Andy Otero (Panamá)
Catcher: Wilkin Castillo (Dominican Republic)
First base: Víctor Mendoza (Mexico)
Srcond base: Alexi Amarista (Venezuela)
Third base: Elmer Reyes (Panama)
Left field: Alfredo Despaigne (Cuba)
Center field: Junior Lake (Dominican Republic)
Right field: Moisés Sierra (Dominican Republic)
Designated hitter: Jilton Calderón (Panama)
Manager: Manuel Rodríguez (Panama)

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