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Cubans Remember Fall in Combat of General Antonio Maceo

cuba-cacahualCubans commemorate this Friday the 122nd anniversary of the fall in combat of Major General of the independence Liberating Army Antonio Maceo, known in the island as the ”Bronze Titan”.

Maceo -Mariana Grajales’ son- was educated, along with his brothers under strict disciplinary rules, work, neatness in dress, courtesy, respect for the elders, honesty, solidarity, courage, tenacity and patriotism.

Several historians call him a master of military tactics, and it is estimated that he took part in more than 600 combat actions against Spanish colonialism, including around 200 battles of great significance.

These confrontations left 26 war scars on his body, of which 21 were received in the Ten Years’ War (1868-1878).

It is also remembered by the Protest of Baragua, a historical event that demonstrated the decision of a revolting nation to live without owners or chains.

Maceo died in combat on December 7, 1896 in San Pedro, Havana province, and his mortal remains rest in the monument of El Cacahual. mh/abo/mem/joe

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