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A successful summer, but with room for improvement

Di8az reunion veranoCuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez recognized the work done by provincial governments, institutions, and Central State Administration to offer the population a varied recreational program this summer, noting the higher levels of satisfaction expressed by citizens, as compared to previous years, while noting the persistence of some problems.

Despite continuing economic challenges, he noted, we have been able to offer our people more and better activities, showing that much can be done with limited resources. He added that efforts must be redoubled to ensure a memorable end of summer, in the final days of August. He likewise called for careful evaluation of what was done to identify needed improvements and determine which activities can be maintained year-round, once the vacation period comes to an end.

Díaz-Canel went on to note, “Not everything has been positive,” citing the example of an inspection conducted of state facilities located in Havana’s eastern beach area, where violations of the law and food service regulations were detected, among other problems. He called for adequate supervision and law enforcement in such areas.

Central government authorities were also able to converse via video conference with provincial officials, who reported the population’s favorable response to summer programs, as indicated in surveys in 69 communities within 31 municipalities.

Dissatisfaction continues, however, with swimming pools in some provinces – affected by shortages of chlorine – as well as food services and the cleanliness of some beaches.

The work of special commissions established to organize summer recreational programs was recognized, as well as that of the ministries of Education and Culture; the Institute of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation; the Young Communists League; the Cuban Film Institute; and others.

Of special note were youth summer camps and visits to historic sites organized by the Young Communists League and the Martí Youth Movement; shows by popular artists in communities and more remote areas; concerts by international figures; special film series in movie theaters; festivals; and fairs.


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