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Private Property, Investment Crown Debates on New Cuban Constitution

ariel-valdesOne of the main modifications introduced by the project of the new Cuban Constitution is the recognition of private property and foreign investment, expressed here today commercial specialist of Hotel Copacabana, Ariel Valdes.

In a dialogue with Prensa Latina, the young man said the possibility that persons residing inside and out of the island are allowed to invest, should be considered.

In his opinion, the country urgently needs this to be able to credit funds to the economy that help its growth and development.

It is vital to open to different forms of investment, above all in the tourism sector, he added.

Valdes also said that control over the wealth and how to measure has been another issue debated to prevent the concentration of property, but considers that to be able to distribute it, first you have to create it.

The creation of wealth must not be feared, that is the way we prevent it from holding back economic and political decisions or solutions, he explained and stressed that a modern approach is needed.

In general, -he said- the text is the first step to put in order many aspects of present society that need to be regulated and updated.

The phase of popular debate of the document started this week and will end on November 15.

Resulting opinions will be evaluated by Parliament, in a phase of analysis from which will result the final draft that will be submitted to a people’s referendum.

The constitutional text ratifies the socialist nature of Cuba and proposes changes in the structure of the State by including the creation of the posts of President and Prime Minister of the Republic.

It also gives constitutional rank to several principles in foreign policy, defended for decades by the Cuban Revolution; it advocates for world peace, Latin American and Caribbean integration and the protection of the environment.

It also expands the rights of persons and recognizes the role of the market and new forms of property in Cuba, among which is the private one.

(Prensa Latina)

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