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New Constitutional reflects economic updates

Discute pueblo ConstituciónSince the beginning of the constitutional reform process, much has been written about the reasons change is needed, and foremost among these is the need to adjust the country’s fundamental law to our current reality, especially the transformations underway as the Policy Guidelines from the Seventh Party Congress are implemented, in accordance with strategic projections outlined in the Conceptualization of our economic model.

Thus it is no surprise that, as the popular consultation began on Monday – to continue through November 15 – many have noted that this reform is consistent with the economic updating underway, and that there are many connections to documents approved during the Seventh Party Congress which point toward a more just, sovereign, socialist, democratic, prosperous and sustainable society.

Basic principles in the current Constitution are maintained, including the reaffirmation that our economic system is based on the socialist ownership of the means of production by the entire people, and directed with planning.

Among novel elements is the recognition of various forms of property coexisting with the economy (socialist, cooperative, private, etc), and that the state will encourage those of a more social nature, in line with the Conceptualization and the Guidelines.

Likewise consistent with these programmatic documents, the proposed Constitution proscribes, “the concentration of property by individuals or non-state incorporated entities, to preserve limits that are compatible with socialist values of equity and social justice.”

Within a separate title on Economic Fundamentals noted is the concept that the market is to be taken into consideration within the framework of economic planning; defined are the basic means of production that are owned by the people, as well as their inalienable nature. It is established that “the state directs, regulates, and controls national economic activity.” Obligatory expropriation is maintained, although only for reasons of public necessity or social interest.

Thus, ensuring concordance between programmatic documents approved at Seventh Party Congress and our new Constitution means validating the vision of a prosperous society we have proposed for ourselves.


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