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A day for the homeland

Diaz DemajaguaMiguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers began a government visit to the province of Granma, yesterday June 27.

- During his stop at La Demajagua National Park, where Cuba’s independence struggle was launched, he observed a moment of silence, and speaking with staff emphasized the importance of caring for the historic site.
- The President applauded the environmental and scientific efforts being made at the crocodile breeding station in Manzanillo.
- Next on the morning agenda were two plants in Manzanillo devoted to forging spare parts for the sugar industry.
- The people of Granma came out onto the streets wherever the President stopped to enthusiastically greet him, express affection, and reiterate their commitment to the continuity of the Revolution.
- At the “Eighth Congress” agricultural cooperative, the President confirmed progress made in the cultivation of grains, which has contributed to reducing imports.
- In the provincial capital of Bayamo, Díaz-Canel visited an ice cream and cheese plant, and toured the site where a 5,000 cubic meter water tank was recently constructed to improve service in the city’s northern neighborhoods.


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