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Havana’s Gran Manzana Kempinscki Hotel awarded architecture prize

kempinskiThe Gran Manzana Kempinscki Hotel won the Versailles continental prize for architecture, in a ceremony held recently in Santiago de Chile, during which awards were also presented to outstanding stores, restaurants and shopping centers, reports Prensa Latina.

During the gala at Hidalgo Castle in the capital, the hotel took the top prize in the restoration and renovation category.

Havanatour general manager in Chile, Israel Otaño, accepted the award on behalf of the establishment.

Other winners in the hotel category included the Casa República in Lima, Peru which received the Special Interior prize, and Chile’s Tierra Chiloé Hotel, which won the award for exteriors.

“It is an honor to be receiving this award on behalf of the Kempinski company and Gaviota tourist chain; a source of pride and a reference for tourism on our island,” stated Otaño.

The Havanatour official also noted that the prize represents recognition of the development of the travel industry in Cuba.

With this accolade the Gran Manzana Kempinski features among finalists for the Prix Versailles World Architecture Awards, which will be held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, May 15.

“The Prix Versailles is a source of pride for our country, because this is the first time the continental edition of the competition has been held in a Latin American nation since it was launched in 2015,” stated Myriam Gómez, executive director of Imagen de Chile, an initiative which promotes the country overseas.

The five-star Gran Manzana Kempinski hotel has 246 rooms, as well as 50 suites, bars, restaurants, a spa, gym, roof-top pool, and exclusive cigar lounge.

Shopping centers, restaurants, and stores from across the Americas were also recognized during the event in Santiago, with Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Chile and Argentina taking the top prizes.

Meanwhile, the most outstanding establishments in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceana will receive awards this month as Algiers and Beijing, capitals of Algeria and China respectively, host other Prix Versailles continental galas.

(Prensa Latina)

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